Coronavirus in Wrocław and Poland: useful links and data

Wrocław Uncut are no longer publishing daily coronavirus updates, but you can still keep up to date on the current situation via the following live-updated tables and links.

How can I get the latest information on case numbers in Wrocław?

Local newspaper Gazeta Wrocławska have been providing live updates on confirmed coronavirus cases since the start of the epidemic. You can access the blog here.

To get the latest number, scroll down the page a little, you will see 3 bullet points with numbers in red (as illustrated in the image below). The third figure in the list is the official number of coronavirus cases in Wrocław. The number of deaths is then mentioned in the sentence below.


What about the number of recoveries? 

The Gazeta Wrocławska link above does not contain regular information on the number of coronavirus recoveries in Wrocław or Poland. However, you can find out how many people in Poland have recovered from coronavirus over on the worldometers.info website.

How is the situation in Poland compared to nearby countries? 

If you want to see how the coronavirus epidemic is in Poland compared to its neighbouring EU countries, the following charts are updated daily and provide insightful data on cases, deaths and testing:

What should I do if I think I have contracted coronavirus?

If you suspect you have coronavirus, please follow the steps in this article

Alternatively, you could get tested at a private testing centre. There are drive through testing centres at Stadion Wrocław and in Tarnogaj, both of which cost around 500zł each (or free if you are a medical worker). Polmed also offer coronavirus tests for 149zł at its clinic on Grabiszyńska street.

What restrictions are currently in force due to coronavirus?

The Polish Government have created a webpage in English that contains information on all of the restrictions currently applicable in the country. Information on travel restrictions is also available here

The coronavirus crisis has affected my residency status in Poland. Where can I find information on such matters?

The Polish Office For Foreigners have published a lot of information in English on their website, including this lengthy FAQ

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