‘Change Furnace’ Stall Attacked After Man Misreads Sign

A stall promoting the city’s ‘Change Furnace’ program was knocked over yesterday by a man who appeared to misread its slogan

The incident allegedly happened in front of St. Michael the Archangel Church in the Ołbin district yesterday afternoon.

The people who were working at the stall, who represent the Plastformers ecological foundation, claim a number of passers-by swore at them after misreading the ‘Zmień Piec’ (Change Furnace) for ‘Zmień Płec’ (Change Gender). 

According to the words of Bruno Zachariasiewicz, who was fronting the stall, things then got worse. He told Gazeta Wyborcza that a bald man in his mid-thirties got off his bike to shout at them “You are even standing in front of the church!? F*ck off.” The man then kicked over the stall before pedalling away on his bike. The foundation’s laptop was damaged as a result.

Plastformers posted about the incident yesterday but later tried to distance themselves from the fierce division in the country over LGBT and gender issues. In an update to their original post, Plastformers stated that the man who kicked their stall may have understood the sign and just engaged in a “hooligan prank”. They also stressed that it was not their “intention to add fuel to the fire of what is already a highly polarized society.” 

In addition, it is worth noting that photos from Plastformer’s Facebook Page show that they had their stall in the same location on August 2nd, after which there was no indication of any altercations taking place. 

For those unfamiliar with the city’s ‘Zmień Piec’ program, it aims to reduce Wrocław’s smog issues by giving funding to households looking to swap their old furnace for a more modern, cleaner heating system.

Gregor Gowans

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