New Initiative To Map Visible Signs Of Wrocław’s Breslau Era

“Looking at Breslau under the plaster”, an initiative by Fundacja im. T. Karpowicza, aims to build a map of sites with signs from Wrocław’s pre-WW2 era.

According to wroclaw.pl, the unique project plans to make the history of the city closer to both residents and tourists.

There are numerous places where German signs can still be found in Wrocław’s public space. However, some are probably yet to be uncovered, hence the call for the public to share photos and locations for the map project.

We certainly need the support of the inhabitants of Wrocław who know about  preserved inscriptions hidden somewhere on buildings, gates or even in the basements of the houses they live in. Those visible from the outside, on the facades, are usuallty the easiest to find, although sometimes it is difficult to locate them. We are counting on a response.

Our map currently includes nearly 200 different types of epigraphs, i.e. graphic signs fixed on a hard structure; a sewer grate, pre-war advertising pole, pavement, etc. There are certainly many more.

Grzegorz Czekański, Fundacja im. T. Karpowicza

People who have photos of German inscriptions or graphics may become co-authors of the “Looking at Breslau under the plaster” initiative. To contribute, simply email [email protected], call 666951823 or write a private message to the Facebook page Spod tynku patrzy Breslau.

For more info on finding some of the old German signs, check out this article and news story from our archives. 

Gregor Gowans

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