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w Kontakcie: Vibrant Hummus, Stale Atmosphere

W kontakcie arguably makes the best hummus in town, but the place is sadly let down by an eerie emptiness generated by a slightly flawed concept.

The cafe serves tasty hummus in attractive fashion, is open early doors for breakfast and comes highly recommended by Wroclaw's most popular food blog. Yet in spite of all those positives, w Kontakcie somehow feels stale and soulless.

The first warning signs at w Kontakcie cropped up when we arrived to a near empty cafe – a big surprise given that venues recommended by wroclawskiejedzenie.pl are normally subject to a spike in traffic the next day (indeed some places even have run out of ingredients following a positive review).

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One thing that certainly is not responsible for the worryingly low footfall at w Kontakcie is the hummus, which both looks and tastes fantastic. Served on a ceramic plate alongside a basket with a piece of arabic style bread, the hummus is packed with spices and fresh herbs. A generous splash of tasty olive oil added to a well in the middle also adds a gentle finishing touch to what is a very satisfying snack indeed. The classic hummus is decent value at 10zl, although the version with caramalised red onion and fresh corriander (14zl) was noticeably the better of the two we sampled.


As well as the hummus, the cafe serve a few other snacks including bread with homemade spreads. When it comes to the drinks selection, the refreshments at w Kontakcie are limited to their homemade lemonades (as well as mineral water). The rhubard one we ordered was fruity and refreshing, although a few more options on the drinks menu would certainly be appreciated.

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This rather limited choice of refreshments is just one of a few pitfalls at w Kontakcie that we can only guess is responsible for the place being far more empty than it should. Another problem is its almost invisible exterior; there is no outdoor seating area or even a sign above the door. When we were actively looking for w Kontakcie we even walked past it without noticing.

There are also problems at w Kontakcie with the atmosphere. Even in a completely empty venue, a good cafe with the right music and staff can create a welcoming place with a positive vibe. Unfortunately w Kontakcie haven't managed to do that, with the regrettable result being a venue that's completely devout of life and charm. The boring and nondescript electro music that was being played during our visit sucked the life out of the cafe, while solitary member of staff present appeared depressed beyond pills.


So what can w Kontakcie do to get more people through the door? Perhaps the answer comes in the shape of another favourite hummus place of mine, Warsaw's Beirut. While the hummus is equally tasty in both places, the parallels sadly end there. Unlike the dry and empty aura present at w Kontakcie, Beirut has a lively atmosphere generated by a motivated workforce, an Indie rock/britpop playlist and a modest craft beer selection. Beirut is arguably overpriced, but because of the cool music and uplifting vibe you find yourself going back for one more beer and hummus than you really should. In contrast, w Kontakcie feels far too sober and overly dull.

For hummus purists, w Kontakcie represents a pleasant little spot to enjoy this simple yet satisfying cuisine. The cafe is also ideal for anyone who is looking for breakfast in the Grunwaldski area. On the flip side, if w Kontakcie don't try to liven up the place it may not be long till it dissapears from Wroclaw's culinary map.

w kontakcie, ul. Benedykta Polaka 12/1b

Tel: 606 320 566, Website

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Great hummus inside a worryingly dull cafe

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