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Ahimsa: Vege Venue With An Asian Twist

Ahmisa, Wroclaw's latest addition to the vegan scene, offers a variety of tasty and colourful dishes inspired by recipies from the Middle East and India.

Set up by the team at Najadacze.pl, who have been preparing vegetarian cuisine in the city for years, Ahmisa is sure to be another welcome option for Wroclaw's vegan and vegetarian diners. 

Ahimsa Ahimsa

Going by the music, menu and decor inside (minus the rather uncharacteristic chairs and tables) there appears to be a contemporary Asian vibe going on at Ahmisa. 

Upstairs the restaurant is buzzing with activity, but with a lack of air con, the cooler basement is definitely the prefered seating area right now. 

Ahimsa Ahimsa

On our visit we ordered some hummus and falafel (19zl), as well as a larger dish that included the former ingredients, plus some cous and salad (29zl).

The attractiveness of the larger meal in particular brought an unexpected wow factor on arrival, and as I'm sure you'll agree – it certainly looks the part. Having said that though, after you dig in you can't help but feel the smaller dish is the better deal. Is a small portion of cous cous and a little salad worth and extra 10zl? On this evidence it is a tough call to say yes. That said, in times of growing inflation in Wroclaw, we didn't feel short changed at Ahmisa – particularly as the food itself tasted pretty much spot on. 

Ahimsa Ahimsa

The restaurant also offer a collection of colourful and vibrant looking Indian meals, which we will be seeking to review at a later stage.

For now though, Uncut can give Ahmisa the thumbs up for enriching Wroclaw's vegetarian offering and providing another cool spot to enjoy some exotic food. 

Ahimsa Restaurant & Club, św. Antoniego 23

Telephone: 71 344 55 22 Website

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