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New Mural Unveiled On Sądowa Street

A new mural promoting Wrocław’s horse racing course in Partynice has been unveiled on Sądowa street, just a few metres away from pl. Legionów. 

The mural, designed by Kamil Tobiasz, spans 350 square metres, while the horse illustrated on it is 14 metres tall.  The painting was completed in 7 days using 100 litres of paint in 40 different colours.

The management of Partynice racecourse hopes it can help promote their venue and their sport:

“There are no beautiful horses in the urban space of Wrocław. There is Brave [Bolesław the Brave statue] on horseback, but this horse leaves a lot to be desired, to put it mildly. Kings in the beautiful cities of Europe and the world always sit on beautiful steeds, however Brave’s horse differs from this standard.

Therefore, we decided to place a tribute to horses in the urban space of Wrocław. The one on the mural has its predecessor – a similar horse stands at the entrance to the famous Newmarket racecourse in England. When entering Newmarket ,you can feel the pride of this monument, visitors to the track feel they are participating in something very important.

Hence the idea for such a mural, which also serves to let the inhabitants of Wrocław know that we have a horse racing track, as it turns out not everyone is aware of it. Horse racing in Poland is not in the best condition at the moment, so I hopehat the mural will promote this beautiful and at the same time the most difficult of all horse sports.. 

Jerzy Sawka, Director of the  Partynice racecourse

Partynice racecourse is located in the south of the city, and limited numbers are now being allowed into the grounds for its races. The venue also has some paths accessible to runners, cyclists and walkers throughout the week, as well as a new outdoor bar in the shape of Babie Lato.


Gregor Gowans

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