Solidarność Exhibition Opens At Centrum Historii Zajezdnia

A new Solidarność exhibition has been unveiled at Centrum Historii Zajezdnia on the 40th anniversary of the Solidarity movement going on strike.

Titled “Zajezdnia strajkuje” (the depot strikes), the exhibition aims to show visitors how the strikes at the former bus depot looked like back in 1980.

This is not just another historical exhibition, it is immersion into history. There will be more emotions than information. We will introduce visitors to images, sounds, smells, and dialogues. We will also recreate what the strikers went through and show what they would have felt like at the time.

Dr. Andrzej Jerie, deputy program director and author of the exhibition

The exhibition includes a 45-minute multimedia show that combines elements of a play and a radio drama. Interestingly, the video is screened in a room designed to look like the interior of the old Jelcz public transport buses, which strikers used to block the gate to the depot.

The exhibition also features real photos and videos from the time of the strike, as well as accompanying commentary.


The exhibition was organized in connection with the 40th anniversary of the strikes in August 1980. The idea of ​​solidarity is extremely relevant today, and the birth of Solidarity in Wrocław in 1980 has a special importance for our city, as it contributed to building and consolidating its Polish identity.

Dr. Marek Mutor , director of the Zajezdnia History Centre.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition will be limited to 20 people at the same time, and all visitors are required to wear masks. To be sure that you will enter at a given time, it is worth making a reservation by phone (71 715 96 82) or email ([email protected]). 


A normal ticket costs 10zł, with concessions able to get in half price. The income from the tickets will be donated to the civil society in Belarus.

Gregor Gowans

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