Wrocław Panthers Franchise Expands With New Softball Team

Wrocław Panthers, our city’s American football team, have expanded their franchise by launching a softball team with the help of Hrabiny Softball Wrocław.

The Panthers have of course won countless titles here in Poland since their formation in 2013. Their success has seen them attract a modest but loyal fanbase, as well as a number of fair-weather fans curious about the American football experience.

Hrabiny w barwach Panthers Wrocław

One przed meczem biorą do ręki pałki, zakładają rękawice i czapki. My przed meczem zakładamy ochraniacze i kaski. Teraz będziemy razem walczyć o najwyższe cele, pokazując, że Wrocław jest stolicą amerykańskich sportów. 🏆🇺🇸Takiego połączenia w Polsce jeszcze nie było! Tak tworzy się historia! Hrabiny Softball Wrocław – jeden z najbardziej utytułowanych klubów softballu w Polsce staje się sekcją Panthers Wrocław. Dziewczyny pokażą Wam swoją siłę! 🥎🎖

Gepostet von Panthers Wrocław am Montag, 15. Juni 2020

Now the Panthers are keen to tap into interest in American sports by bringing Wrocław’s Hrabiny Softball club under their wings.

They pick up their bats before the match and put on gloves and hats. We put on our protective gear and helmets before the match. Now we will fight together for the highest goals to show that Wrocław is the capital of American sports.🏆🇺🇸

There has never been such a connection in Poland! This is how history is created! Hrabiny Softball Wrocław, one of the most successful softball clubs in Poland, has becomes part of Wrocław Panthers. These girls will show you their strength!

Wrocław Panthers

The Panthers have been teasing such an announcement for some time on social media, and further details about their softball operation will be revealed in the coming weeks. 

Gregor Gowans

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