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The Ultimate Guide To Wrocław’s Outdoor Bars (2020 Update)

Outdoor bars have predictably sprung up all over Wrocław as the lockdown lifts and temperatures increase. So we’ve updated our guide from 2019 to give you the lowdown on almost every summer bar in town.

Back in 2018, we visited every beach bar to bring you the ins and outs of each. We also had a stroll through Wyspa Słodowa to check out the scene at the island’s floating bars.

In our updated guide we’ll give you the lowdown on all of those venues, plus the new places that have opened in the summer of 2019 and 2020. 

*note – as a result of the restrictions currently in place due to coronavirus, a number of the events and attractions mentioned below (e.g. yoga sessions, concerts and Dj sets) and facilities (e.g. playgrounds and trampolines for children) may not be available 

Beach bars in the north of Wrocław: Stara Odra, Basen and Prostu z Mostu

If you’re looking to do a beach bar pub crawl, the north of Wrocław is definitely a solid option.

There are three beach bars all within walking distance of each other, two of which are on opposite sides of the Trzebnicki bridge.

Stara Odra

On the north side of the bridge you’ll come across Stara Odra Beach Bar, which we’ve found to be one of the most chilled out in town.

The main selling point of the bar is the fact it has a spacey feel to it; you can comfortably stretch your legs without ever worrying about anyone tripping over you. The music on our visit wasn’t the loudest either, so it was pretty easy to unwind there . 

When all is said and done,  Stara Odra is an ideal choice for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It isn’t the most lively or shouty of beach bars, and this works to its advantage. There are plenty of umbrellas there too if you need protection from the sun on a scorching day.


On the south side of the river, opposite Stara Odra Beach Bar, lies Basen Beach Bar.

Although not as pretty as Stara Odra, Basen Beach bar does sport a much better view. Ironically that’s because your view is of Stara Odra Beach Bar rather than the other way round. The view also takes in the leafy Karłowice district, which looks better than the more industrial feel that the Kleczków neighbourhood has. 

The vibe at Basen is very much similar to Stara Odra, with its wooden hut offering a nice large sheltered area ideal for large groups (which unfortunately should be avoided during the pandemic). In past years it has also been possible to rent a Shisha at Basen, however that may not necessarily be the case in 2020 due to coronavirus.

Prostu z Mostu

A pleasant 15 minute stroll along the river from Basen Beach bar takes you to Prostu z Mostu.

Undoubtedly Wrocław’s most ‘civilised’ beach bar, Prostu z Mostu boasts two seperate areas. One part is lined with bark and contains solid tables and chairs sheltered by a flurry of umbrellas.

As you’d expect, bark is a lot easier to walk on than sand, which makes this part of the bar more accessible to those who have reduced mobility. It also suits those who prefer the feel of a beer garden to a beach bar. If you do like sand that’s not a problem either, as Prostu z Mostu incorporates a large beach section too. 

The venue spans an impressive 5,000 square metres and has a large bar to meet demand from customers even at peak times.

The dynamic nature of Prostu z Mostu means it can pretty much suit everyone. Its location is very practical and the owners also organise a lot of events there. All of this is bound to help Prostu z Mostu earn a reputation as one of Wrocław’s best beach bars. 

Beach bars in the east of Wrocław: Forma Plynna, Odra Pany, Zazoo and Opatovice

Another option for a beach bar pub crawl is to head to three of the four beach bars located in the east of the city. 

Forma Plynna is the closest to Grunwaldzki bridge, while Zazoo and Odra Pany are located behind the zoo. Then if you make the trek deep into Biskupin, you can also enjoy the more secluded Opatovice Beach Bar.

Forma Plynna

Up until 2018, Forma Plynna had been Wrocław’s only beach bar that didn’t actually have a ‘beach’. The chairs and tables there are instead laid out on either bark or grass. 

Owned by the same people as Prostu z Mostu, Forma Plynna is another well run beach bar that regularly attracts a decent crowd. The bar’s location in the university district makes it ideal for students, but pretty much anyone can get there easily by hopping off a tram or bus at the pl. Grunwaldzki stop.

In recent years, it has tended to be a bit a crowded at Forma Plynna. That said, this will likely not be repeated in 2020 and in any case, the far end of the beach bar has plenty of space. Therefore if you want to find a quiet spot, just grab a chair and place it down nearby the river. Moving chairs was banned when bars opened straight after the lockdown, but does appear to be tolerated now. 

Like Prostu z Mostu, there are plenty of staff on hand to help alleviate the queues – something that can be a problem at temporary bars. Forma Plynna also looks beautiful in the evenings when its lights illuminate the bar and its picturesque surroundings.

Ultimately the Forma Plynna experience delivers more often than not. The only real disadvantage is that it can feel somewhat boxed-in.


Zazoo is arguably Wrocław’s most established beach bar having already been in place for 4 consecutive summers. 

As you’d expect, the bar’s location nearby the zoo means the place is popular with families at the weekends. Even so, with a live dj and plenty of concerts and other attractions (well, at least before the pandemic arrived), Zazoo comfortably attracts a disparate crowd of people from different age groups.

The beach bar has grown in size and scope since it started back in 2016, and it now incorporates a separate food zone where fried seafood is available.

The seats laid out on the grassy hill in front of Zazoo’s bar and stage also help to create an amphitheater-like backdrop for when concerts can safely return again.

Large queues can nonetheless form at Zazoo, and the swathes of people that can gather there on weekends won’t make it the ideal spot for everyone. If on the other hand you are not put off by the buzz of a large crowd, this is definitely a summer venue to check out. 

Odra Pany

The new kid on the block in this neighbourhood, Odra Pany started in mid-summer 2019 and is the work of the same crew behind electro venue Das Lokal.

As a result, it aims to be a little more edgy and hipster than its nearest neighbour, Zazoo.


If you like the concept of the beach bar but are put off by the volume of people and noise, it may well be worth making the journey to Opatovice beach bar.

Its secluded location near the Opatovice dam and island is far from the city centre and still a bit of a trek from the touristy Hala Stulecia / Wrocław Zoo area. This should mean the bar has a more laid back feel to it, which is certainly the impression we got during our visit there last year. 

The area around Opatovice beach bar is popular with cyclists, while those with active lifestyles may also fancy having a go at navigating the nearby line-park. 

The bar is perched high above the water, so unfortunately you can’t sit right up close to the river like you can at some other beach bars. If you like to watch the boats go by on the Odra you won’t see much activity either, as obviously the bar is located downstream next the dam.

On the plus side, Opatovice feels the least ‘urban’ of all the beach bars in Wrocław. Apart from the dam, the bar looks out onto nothing else than trees and water. So if you feel a need to hang out in a spot that feels more connected with nature, this is the place for you. 

The only beach bar in the west of Wrocław: Hotspot

Hotspot is the only beach bar located in the west of the city. It’s also the largest in Wrocław.

Owned by the same people as Zazoo, Hotspot regularly host large parties and concerts to fill up the huge sandy area they’ve built by the Millennium Bridge. 

Despite the fact the beach bar covers such an enormous space, we found the best spot for a drink was actually away out on the grass nearby the bridge. 

If you love mainstream summer parties, Hotspot is also a lively place to dance all night under the stars. Anyone seeking a more intimate experience would nonetheless be better off heading somewhere a bit more chilled-out. 

Bars in the Wyspa Słodowa area: Barbarka, Ponton and Zwodowani

If you find the massive sandpits at beach bars a bit gimmicky, then a visit to one of the floating bars on Wyspa Słodowa could be a better option.

The idea of paying full price for a beer on Wyspa Słodowa seemed completely alien a few years ago, but the floating bars have eventually become a permanent fixture on the island. There are now a handful of them looking out onto the University building, while there’s also Wyspa Tamka club on Tamka Island.

Barbarka, Ponton and Zwodowani

Barbarka is Wyspa Słodowa’s most lively floating bar thanks to the music that keeps pumping out from the various djs that play there. The summer bar’s thunder may have been stolen a little bit with the arrival of all the beach bars, but they are continuing to run as normal. 

Similar to pretty much all the floating bars on the Island, you can enjoy watching all the boats circle round the area in front of the University.

If the music at Barbarka proves to loud for your taste, you can also stroll down the island and pop into the two neighbouring bars, Ponton and Zwodowani.

Wyspa Tamka

The most left-field option on the list comes in the shape of Wyspa Tamka, an alternative venue home to some relentless techno and electro parties. You can easily get an idea of the vibe there in the YouTube video below.

Summer Bars in other districts

Nocny Targ Tęczowa


Wrocław once again has a summer night market thanks to the arrival of ‘Nocny Targ Tęczowa’, which made its debut back in May of 2019.

Besides being home to half-a-dozen or so food trucks, it also sports a couple of bars. There’s even a DJ platform and a dancefloor too. Events such as open-air cinema screenings are regularly held there on weekends and the place seems to have attracted a fairly loyal crowd. 

The market runs from Thursday-Sunday and can stay open as late as 3am on weekends, although this is less likely to happen this year due to the coronavirus restrictions. 

Hydroplan Beach Bar

Czy jesteście gotowi na wieczór karaoke? 🎤 Repertuar wybrany? 🎶⏰ Startujemy o 19:30!Szykuje się super wieczór! Niech będzie równie gorąco na scenie! 👩‍🎤

Gepostet von Hydroplan Beach Bar am Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2019

Those living in the Muchobór Wielki district will be delighted to see a beach bar come to their neighbourhood, which is a considerable distance away from other summer bars.

Unlike most of the other beach bars, which are to be found by the river, Hydroplan has been set up next to a pond.

Ogródek Bar Plażowy

Gepostet von Ogródek Bar Plażowy am Montag, 8. Juli 2019

For residents in the south of the city, there’s also Ogródek Bar Plażowy, which can be found in Park Klecina.

It serves as a convenient spot to have a drink following a stroll around the park, however it must be said that the view is hardly inspiring. Rather than looking onto the park, the beach is in front of a barren wasteland that offers a view of a construction area.

Forest Bar

Gepostet von ForestBar am Freitag, 21. Juni 2019

A little further north, in the Krzyki district, there’s Forest Bar – a popular summer hangout for residents living nearby the University of Economics.

Forest Bar did regularly hold concerts in the past, something that’s on hold for now due to coronavirus. However, their Sunday breakfast market, which features a number of local food vendors, is still a fixture at the bar when the weather is good.

Gaj Chillout Bar


Those living in the Gaj district now have their own outdoor bar too. 

Gaj Chillout Bar is located at the foot of Park Wzgórze Gajowe, which offers unobstructed views of the south of Wrocław. 

Bikini Beach Bar


Another new outdoor bar coming to Wrocław in 2020 is Bikini Beach Bar, located in the Oporów district. 

The bar rests on a grassy spot nearby Oporów’s outdoor pool, which could be set to open soon provided the authorities consider it safe to do so. 

The Bridge Summer Bar


Given that a large beer at Craft Restaurant’s Bridge Summer bar is almost 20zł, you can be certain of avoiding all the “pesky commoners” at the other venues on this list.

This pretentious lawn garden is the perfect spot for Wrocław’s self-satisfied narcissists to gather for a group selfie next to a tower of champagne glasses.

If you can afford the luxury, the place certainly looks pretty enough with it’s pristine lawn and surrounding greenery. That said, even those looking for dose of luxury could arguably find better and more affordable alternatives elsewhere in the city. 

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.

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