Wrocław Coronavirus Update: May 2nd

Today’s coronavirus update includes news on major clinical trials, fears over increased alcoholism, and police checks on MPK vehicles.

As the coronavirus crisis develops, the news is coming thick and fast. Here are just some of the local and national coronavirus stories that have broken in the last 24 hours:

Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wrocław increases to 425; 3 more deaths recorded

According to Gazeta Wrocławska’s live feed, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wrocław has increased from 420 to 425 since our last update. 

The number of people from Wrocław who have died from coronavirus has also increased. Two men aged 63 and 85 respectively, as well as a 79-year-old woman, have lost their lives to COVID-19 since yesterday afternoon. The coronavirus death toll in Wrocław is now 19. 

Across Poland, the coronavirus case count currently stands at 13,105. Meanwhile, 3,491 people in the country have recovered from COVID-19. 

651 people have sadly died in Poland as a result of the virus.

Professor Simon: I’ll test vaccine on myself

Professor Simon of Koszarowa hospital has told Gazeta Wrocławska that he will be the first to volunteer for clinical trials once a coronavirus vaccine is available for testing in Poland

According to Simon, companies have contacted Koszarowa hospital regarding such clinical trials, and the professor says he’ll do “everything to be able to conduct such tests.”

Coronavirus “can be transmitted via ballot papers”

Professor Simon has also branded the upcoming presidential election, which is planned to take place entirely by post, as a “scandal”.

Simon made the comments during the aforementioned Gazeta Wrocławska interview, in which he explained how the vote could spread coronavirus via the posting of ballot papers

On materials such as paper or cardboard, the virus is active for more than 24 hours and it is capable of being transmitted and infecting someone. These are facts. 

Professor Simon

Almost 8,000 guitarists take part in online record attempt

This year’s guitar record, which took place online due to coronavirus, saw 7,998 people play at the same time according to the event organisers

The record number of people playing guitar together in the same place is 7,424, which is the number to beat when the guitarists hopefully return to the Rynek on May 1st 2021.

Addiction therapy centre sees huge spike in people calling for advice

Staff at an addiction therapy centre in the mountain town of Szklarska Poręba have told Gazeta Wyborcza that they “haven’t experienced such an intensity of compulsive behavior in their 30 year history.

The therapists say that they are dealing with a huge increase in calls from people who have turned to alcohol and drugs due to the turmoil generated by the epidemic. 

Police conducting checks on MPK vehicles

Gazeta Wyborcza reports that police are conducting regular checks on MPK vehicles to make sure the emergency restrictions on public transport are adhered to.

There are strict rules on how many people can enter a tram or bus. In one case, a bus driver is set to be prosecuted after police found that 35 people were onboard a bus that is currently only permitted to carry 33 passengers. 

The police are also checking the ID of passengers, so if you do need to use public transport, make sure you carry your passport or residence card. 

Hospitals still seeking equipment and food

According to Business Insider, and incredible 400 million złoty has been donated to Polish hospitals to help with the fight against coronavirus. 

However, representatives from the supportdlaszpitala.pl website have found that hospitals are still reporting the need for protective clothing, masks, helmets, disinfectants, goggles, health and safety materials, medical equipment and food.

Wrocław’s ‘patient zero’ gives interview

The first Wrocławian to test positive for COVID-19 has talked about his illness and experience in self isolation to tuwroclaw.com.

The 26-year-old’s symptoms were somewhat mild compared to some coronavirus patients. Although he did suffer from fever, myalgia, a lack of appetite, general fatigue and diarrhea, the man never had a bad cough or severe breathing issues. 

After a long period in self-isolation at home, he finally got the all clear to go out after 2 successive negative tests on the 3rd and the 8th of April. 

I cannot wait until it is normal again, until the borders are open, you can work normally, travel, play sports and meet friends.

I am a blood donor, so as soon as I heard that it is worth donating plasma after having undergone coronavirus infection, I did not hesitate to do so. Even Tom Hanks did it in Australia. I strongly encourage everyone to do this.

Wrocław’s ‘patient zero’

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has encouraged other persons who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate their blood.

Śląsk Wrocław offer local businesses adverts for just 1zł

Śląsk Wrocław have announced that local businesses will be able to advertise themselves at the stadium for a symbolic fee of just 1zł.

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