Wrocław Coronavirus Update: April 18th

Today’s coronavirus update includes news on train and bus services, as well as the Wrocław company ready produce 60,000 test kits per week.

As the coronavirus crisis develops, the news is coming thick and fast. Here are just some of the local and national coronavirus stories that have broken in the last 24 hours:

Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wrocław increases to 298

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wrocław has increased from 281 to 298 since our last update. The number of people from Wrocław who have died from the virus remains at 8.

Across Poland, the coronavirus case count currently stands at 8,563.

339 people have sadly died in Poland as a result of the virus.

Sutryk hopes Wrocławians will not flock to parks and forests en masse

On Monday April 20th, parks and forests will once again be open to the public for walks and exercise – provided that people wear masks and keep their distance from each other. 

However, Wrocław President Jacek Sutryk has urged people “not to relax too much” when the restrictions are lifted.

During his Facebook address yesterday evening, Sutryk said “I hope not all of us will take advantage by going outside to run.” Our city President also added that the point of the restrictions is still to reduce social contact and only go outside when required. 

Archbishop Józef Kupny wants “parish anti-crisis shield” to help local businesses

Józef Kupny, the Archbishop of Wrocław, has declared his desire to set up a “parish anti-crisis” shield to aid local businesses.

Kupny says he would like priests to encourage churchgoers to use the services of local businesses during the crisis, whether it be mechanics, hairdressers, cafes or restaurants. 

Coronavirus tests made in Wrocław set to be exported

Wrocław biotechnology company Amplicon are currently producing coronavirus tests here in our city. They even suggest that they have the capacity to produce 60,000 coronavirus tests a week.

However, Amplicon claim the Polish Ministry of Health have not been in touch since they made an information request two weeks ago.

Dr. Janusz Piechota, the President of the Management Board of Amplicon, says that they had informed the Ministry of Health that they were ready to supply coronavirus tests to the government. Since then, there has no been no further contact. As a result, the tests could easily be snapped up by companies or foreign governments.

Of course, there are many suppliers of coronavirus tests, and the Polish Government may be of the opinion that better offers exist. That said, the Ministry of Health do want to ramp up testing, so it would make sense to have a domestic supplier of tests that could quickly transport test kits around the country.

Koleje Dolnośląskie cut even more train services

Koleje Dolnośląskie have followed PolRegio in deciding to further reduce the frequency of their train services. The new timetable will come into force as of tomorrow.

Drunk 41-year-old flouts lockdown to throw stones at Synagogue

According to tuwroclaw.com, a 41-year-old man could spend 8 years behind bars after he shouted fascist slogans and hurled stones at Wrocław’s White Stork Synagogue.

The man is said to have smashed some of the Synagogue’s windows; it is also reported that he acted aggressively towards the police when he was arrested. Police suspected the man had been drinking, something that was confirmed later after the suspect took a breathalyzer test. The whole incident was captured on CCTV.

Drive through coronavirus testing comes to Wołów. 

Lower Silesia’s first drive through coronavirus testing centre has been set up in the town of Wołów. There are plans to open other drive through test centres in the region in the near future. Once we have one in Wrocław, we shall inform you on how to book a test.

MPK to increase frequency of bus services

Wrocław’s public transport authority have announced that buses will run on a normal weekday timetable as of Monday. The change should reduce the amount of passengers on each bus, which obviously helps with social distancing. 

Gregor Gowans

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