WroMigrant Project: 3 Migrant Infopoints Open In Wrocław

Newcomers to Wrocław from abroad can now receive free advice on a number of relocation issues at 3 different locations across the city. 

As part of the WroMigrant project, information points have been set up inside the WCRS office nearby Galeria Dominikanska, the FAMA cultural library in Psie Pole and a community centre in Tarnogaj.

WroMigrant are information and activity points for migrants moving to and living in Wrocław. In WroMigrant facilities we can advise you on the following matters: where and how to settle official matters, where to obtain more information on legalisation of work and stay, the granting of a PESEL number, finding a flat and registering your residence in Wrocław. We will also advise you on healthcare, the education system and the offer of Polish language courses in the city.

The information points will also provide you with the information about workshops and trainings, where you can acquire practical skills needed in everyday situations in Poland. WroMigrant is always ready to hear about your initiatives and ideas!

Wielokultury Wrocław

Besides the services referred to in the quote above, WroMigrant will also be running workshops and training. 

All the WroMigrant infopoints offer advice on demand, so in most cases there is no need to book an appointment. However, in the event you need to discuss a complex legal matter, a reservation is recommended.

You can contact WroMigrant via [email protected] or +48 71 77 24 950.

Gregor Gowans

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