72-year-old Lower Silesian Farmer Eaten By His Own Pigs

It has emerged that a 72-year-old farmer last seen on New Year’s Eve was in fact eaten by his own pigs.

The farmer’s corpse was discovered by his neighbour on January 8th, by which time little of his body remained.

The shocking incident occurred in Osiek, a village near Lubin that is about an hour’s drive from Wrocław.

We do not know the exact date, but in the period between December 31st and  January 8th the victim was eaten by pigs. 

Magdalena Serafin, District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubin

At this point little is known about how the farmer died. According to Gazeta Wrocławska, the man was last seen on New Years Eve, when he was walking towards his well to collect some water. His body was found nearby some 8 days later.

One theory is that the man may have fainted or died of a heart attack. It is also said that the farmer had been a heavy drinker for some time. 

Forensic experts have been called in to try and work out the cause of the farmer’s death. However, their job will be extremely difficult given that only a few limb bones and skull fragments remain.

Gregor Gowans

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