Discounter Brings English Favourites To Arkady & Marino

Discount retailer Poundland, who trade in Poland under the name ‘Dealz‘, are offering a variety of popular foods from England at their two branches in Wrocław.

Shoppers at Marino Shopping Centre may already be familiar with the Dealz chain, as the discounter have been trading there for a number of weeks. However the new branch in Arkady Wrocłąwskie will arguably prove more popular given its central location.

No fresh or frozen products are on sale at Dealz, so unfortunately it won’t be possible to purchase items like stilton, bacon, sausages, pasties or pies.


However Dealz do sell a large amount of food from the UK with a long shelf life. That includes English products like Heinz’s baked beans, soups and sauces, plus Lyle’s Golden Syrup, Marmite, Cadbury’s Chocolate, Colman’s mustard, Walker’s crisps, HP sauce, Tango orangeade and Tetley’s tea.

There also a few Scottish items on sale at Dealz too, including shortbread, Barr’s soft drinks (albeit not Irn Bru) and McVitie’s biscuits. 


The new retail chain also stock a variety products from Poland and other countries, all at affordable prices. On our visit to the store yesterday we spotted some original Italian Coffee, Danish Cookies and popular cereals from US giant Kelloggs.

Unlike shops such as Kuchnia Swiata, and the world-produce section in big supermarkets like Carrefour, none of the products at Dealz come with an inflated price tag. That makes the discounter a must-visit for anyone missing some home treats from the UK.

IMG_20191210_190342  IMG_20191210_185640

Even if you are not a fan of these predominantly English foods, you can still take advantage of Dealz’ cut-priced toiletries and cleaning products among other things. 

Last but not least, if you can’t find anything that takes your fancy at Dealz, then just pop downstairs (in Arkady) to fellow discounter Action. There you’ll find plenty of sweet treats from France, Italy, Belgium and other European countries. 

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.

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