Pyrotechnics & Fireworks Break Play At Śląsk vs Legia Clash

Play had to be halted during yesterday’s Śląsk vs Legia clash due to the volume of pyrotechnics and fireworks that ‘fans’ set off in the stands.

The crunch fixture attracted a massive crowd of almost 32,000 – the highest attendance at a Śląsk match since the Polish Cup final 1st-leg in 2013.

Thousands of fairweather fans decided to make the trip to Stadion Wrocław due to Śląsk’s superb form, and the match represented a great opportunity to woo them back again. However, the chance appears to have been blown as a result of what happened both on and off the pitch.

In terms of the football, Śląsk were soundly beaten 3-0, albeit with 2 of their key midfielders missing through suspension. They did have the chance to take the lead via the penalty spot, but unfortunately Robert Pich’s penalty was saved. 

The biggest drama nonetheless played out in Stadion Wrocław’s B and X stands, where the ultras of both teams set off enough pyrotechnics to engulf the whole arena in smoke.

Pyrotechnic shows are of course part and parcel of Polish football, even if they are illegal. That said, yesterday’s ‘shows’ went well beyond your average pyrotechnics display. 

The pyro action kicked off around the 20 minute mark, when the away fans let off several bright-red flares to form the shape of their club badge. Determined not to be outdone, the Śląsk ultras then set off dozens of flares that spanned the length and height of Stadion Wrocław’s sector B.

Still, even at this point the activity on show was nothing unprecedented for a big Ekstraklasa clash. That soon changed though, as for the first time ever at Stadion Wrocław, the Śląsk ultras deployed fireworks on a large scale.

Play had already been halted by this point due to the volume of smoke, and when the randomly-aimed fireworks started exploding above the pitch, the referee decided the players should be taken down the tunnel for their own safety.

Despite the football spectacle coming to a premature halt, the ultras appeared to show no interest in allowing play to continue. Even after the players had been escorted of the pitch, the ultras kept shooting the fireworks for several minutes.

Then, just as the players returned and everyone thought things had calmed down, the Legia ultras let off another mass of pyrotechnics. That in turn caused a huge amount of smoke to bellow out of sector X, a lot of which drifted towards the family stand nearby.

Both Śląsk and Legia will inevitably be punished by PZPN for the actions of the ultras yesterday. The likely punishment for Śląsk will be fine or partial stadium closure, either of which will negate a considerable amount of the additional revenue the club earned from the 32,000 strong crowd.

dziś byłem z dziećmi na meczu WKS Śląsk Wrocław SA z Legia Warszawa. sektor rodzinny. hmmmm. takie widoki. #wroclawczy może jednak w innym miejscu umieścić te dzieci z rodzicami?

Gepostet von Tomasz Jakub Sysło am Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2019

Will yesterday’s events put off potential new fans from coming back to Stadion Wrocław? We will find out as early as next weekend, when WKS take on another huge rival at home in the shape of Lech Poznań. 

Gregor Gowans

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