Piotr i Pawel Sold To Spar Group For Just 1 Euro

Failed Polish supermarket chain Piotr i Pawel will soon be no more; the company has been sold to the Spar group for the paltry sum of 1 euro. 

The symbolic fee tells you a lot about the state of Poland’s only nationwide network of ‘premium’ supermarkets. The company have debts of around 124.5 million zł according to Business Insider.

Much like Alma, who closed down two years ago, and Tesco, who have closed a number of stores in Poland including one in Wrocław, Piotr i Pawel have been losing out big time to the discounters.

This is not largely down to frugality among shoppers, but the extended product range of discount supermarkets like Biedronka, Lidl and Aldi. All of the aforementioned three now stock a limited range of the type of premium or exotic products once only found in the likes of Alma or Piotr i Pawel.

Piotr i Pawel’s concept, which is supposedly aimed at attracting ‘premium shoppers’, has reportedly been suffering for some time. Shelves in some shops have been rather bare and the company have been looking for another supermarket chain to come in and buy them out.

The sale of Piotr i Pawel sees Spar take ownership of 80% the shares, while the stores themselves will be rebranded as Spar or Eurospar. 

There are currently 66 Piotr i Pawel stores nationwide. Here in Wrocław, the supermarket chain have branches in Arkady, Ferio Gaj and Sky Tower. 

Gregor Gowans

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