Activists Troll Sutryk With ‘100th Derailment Anniversary’ Cake

Activists from the Akcja Miasto organisation have trolled Wrocław’s President by delivering him a cake that ridicules the city’s record on tram derailments.

Representatives from Akcja Miasto delivered the cake to city hall yesterday lunchtime, explaining that it was intended “to sweeten the reality of constant derailments and encourage bolder actions in the field of track repairs.”

Having kept tabs on official MPK statistics since the start of the year, Akcja Miasto say that the 100th tram derailment of 2019 occurred last Thursday. That alarming figure is already noticeably up on 2018, when 78 trams derailed throughout the whole year. According to the statistics, a tram derailment has occurred on average every 3 days since January.

This increased amount of derailments and other MPK accidents have even spawned a hit Facebook Page named ‘Is MPK Wrocław f*cked today?’ Besides ridiculing the current situation, the Facebook Page and its sister group ‘Korespondenci MPK Wrocław‘ also utilize passenger reports to provide up-to-date travel info.  

Wczoraj jebło 19000 polubień na fanpage'u, więc czas na #mempkwrocław z tej okazji :DTym razem nie jest to praca…

Gepostet von Czy wrocławskie MPK dziś już jebło? am Montag, 22. Juli 2019

Akcja Miasto argue that the derailments are predominantly down to Wrocław’s former President, Rafał Dutkiewicz, who they believe was guilty of neglecting the city’s tram tracks. 

However they also point out that repairing the tracks was one of Sutryk’s election pledges, and at present, there is little evidence of improvement a year into the new Wrocław President’s tenure.

Akcja Miasto’s research also found that almost half of the city’s tram derailments occur on tracks deemed to be in ‘average condition’.  They argue that 370 million PLN should be set aside to repair those tracks, as well as those in a poor condition. That is almost 3 times more than the 130 million PLN the city have currently allocated for repairs. 

Unfortunately, even if the funding is increased, there is no guarantee that the condition of the rails will noticeably improve.

In many cases, local authorities put the repair jobs up for tender and feel obliged to choose the lowest bid. As you can expect, the cheapest offer is not necessarily the best value in the long term, as the cheaply made tracks inevitably break sooner. That merely results in another bidding process and yet more repairs, which results in further disruption to the network.

Gregor Gowans

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