Kaczyński Calls On PiS Faithful To Win Over Wrocław

Speaking at his party’s conference at Radio Wrocław yesterday, PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński called on his supporters to help win over Wrocław.

During his speech, the 70-year-old PiS figurehead boasted how his party had fulfilled its promises during its first term in office. He also expressed his satisfaction at how PiS have run the economy. 

On top of that, Kaczyński understandably looked towards next month’s crucial parliamentary elections. He spoke in detail about his party’s aim to increase social benefits and bring wages closer to Western European levels.

The most fiery part of Kaczyński’s speech was nonetheless reserved for a tirade on what he called “LGBT Ideology”. As well as claiming “LGBT Ideology” threatens the traditional Polish family model, Kaczyński stressed that Poland should be “free from Political correctness”. 

We cannot allow this specific type of ideology to take over Poland, even if they try. We must defend the Polish family against poverty, scarcity and an inability to obtain equal opportunities. We must also defend Polish families against this dangerous ideological offensive that our opponents are undertaking.

Jarosław Kaczyński, PiS party leader

Although PiS regularly top nationwide polls, they tend to struggle in Wrocław. Kaczyński admitted so in his speech, stating that Wrocław is “not easy” for PiS.

Results in recent elections have shown that Wrocławians haven’t been too keen on PiS’ takeover of public media and the judiciary among other things. However Kaczyński called on his supporters to convince other Wrocławians that Polish democracy is not in danger. 

PiS typically poll well in less-populated areas, therefore winning more votes in cities like Wrocław could be key to the ruling party enjoying an even greater majority next term. 

Gregor Gowans

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