Wrocław’s Outdoor ‘Ręki Dzieła Fest’ Craftwork Market Returns

On Friday numerous local artists are set to present their craftwork along the Żelaźnicze passage, right in the heart of Wrocław’s market square.

Although located In the very center of the Rynek, the narrow street is one people don’t always pay serious attention to.

Surrounded by restaurants, bars, street singers and tourists absorbed by the magnificent façade of the ratusz, passage Żelaźnicze has more to offer than it appears – something that was particularly true when the Ręki Dzieła fest came to town last year.

Pod Chmurką_16

The petit but original market is ideal for anyone interested in hunting for some unique crafts or seeking to discover new trends from local artists.

Throughout the duration of the market, several stalls are decorated with goods of all shapes, sizes and styles, whether it be vintage or contemporary. Clothes, earrings, necklaces, jewellery, bags, postcards, gifts and fabric toys are just some of the handcrafted items available.

Pod Chmurką_14

Translated as the a ‘local craftwork market’, the Ręki Dzieła Fest acts as the perfect showcase for local artists and designers keen to spread the name of their brand.

Pod Chmurką_7

This weekend’s edition of market runs between Friday and Sunday – it is open between 12pm and 8pm. There are further editions planned for the 26th-28th of July and the 23rd-25th of August.

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