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New Beach Bar To Officially Open Tomorrow

The number of outdoor bars in Wrocław set to increase still further with the arrival of Odra Pany, which is located just a few metres away from Zazoo Beach Bar. 

For those in-the-know, Odra Pany is not a new name when it comes to beach bars in Wrocław. They occupied a spot near Sikorski bridge in 2016 and 2017.

Their new location is also next to a bridge, only this time it’s Kładka Zwierzyniecka bridge behind the zoo. That puts them in direct competition with Zazoo, who are just a little bit further up the path.

On their return, Odra Pany are simply promising there will be “greenery, fun and music”. The opening party, which is set to get underway at 6pm tomorrow, features a live performance from local electronic artist Tryptaminee.

Last year Wrocław saw a huge rise in the amount of beach bars – we documented it in our summer beach bar guide (which we’ll update you on soon).

This year, including Odra Pany, we’ve had 3 new outdoor bars open so far. The first to open was Hydroplan Beach Bar, located on the pond that lies next to Kunickiego street. In the same month, a rooftop bar named Urban Garden also opened on the roof of Renoma.


Gregor Gowans

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