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Vegan Burger Joints In Wrocław

Wrocław has two places that serve up delicious, satisfying veggie burgers: Green Bus, which offers vegan and vegetarian burgers as well as pizza; and Krowarzywa, a cafe that do vegan burgers, hot dogs and wraps.

Both these places fulfill the basic idea of good burger joint in that they have a variety of tasty burgers that fill you up. It can be hard to strike a balance with veggie burgers and healthy options. On the one hand, a burger should be savory and filling. But it is nice to have a nod towards healthier options, which makes me feel better about finishing all of my fries.

Green Bus

Green Bus is a laid back spot to grab a burger and fries in Nadodrze. Their burgers are a great size and very tasty. Their fried cheese burger is definitely my favorite, taking the Czech-style cheese patty and adding tangy vegan mayo, tortilla chips and greens for mouth-watering flavor. Their smoked tofu burger is very good as well, with a flavorful tofu patty piled high with alfalfa sprouts and cucumber slices, the greens providing a fresh, crisp contrast to the smokey tofu.

With the burger trend, it’s refreshing to see a place that’s unpretentious. Green Bus’s menu is simple, with the veggie standards of tofu, tempeh, seitan and cheese, not relying on overly processed patties. The atmosphere is very comfortable, making it easy to enjoy their filling burgers. Their origins as a food truck might have contributed to that.

All their burgers come with a generous helping of fries. Also, if you want to customize your burger, changing or adding toppings, the staff is good with that. They have an option for gluten-free buns too.



The other top option for veggie burgers is Krowarzywa. I first had their burgers a few years ago in Warsaw, and I’m glad they’ve opened a branch here. (They have multiple locations around Poland, including four in Warsaw.) They offer wraps as well as burgers, and a nice variety of sauces to put on the burgers.

Their “pastrami” sandwich is savory, and like a proper burger, is almost a little hard to eat—but the flavor is worth it. Their chickpea burger is great, with a rich flavor, good texture and pairs well with the dill sauce. I found their millet burger very interesting— a distinct, nutty flavor. I’d recommend the spicy tomato sauce with it.

Indeed, all the options I tried satisfied hunger cravings and had great flavors. Bonus: they have sweet potato fries. Inside is light and airy, with a busy lunch rush. They also have English menus, and you can get the buns gluten-free.

Other places worth a mention


Rock Kitchen (formerly Rock Burger) is another venue boasting great veggie options. I love their halloumi burger and peanut sauce, and their Flower Power burger is one of the better, savory veggie patties I’ve had. And hats off to a place that has a menu with both delicious vegan and meat options, meaning that everyone can chow down on their respective burgers together.

Finally, a moment of silence for MO Healthy Burgers. With that closure, that location ends its five year run as a vegan restaurant. It was Machina Organika before). In its place now is Thali, an Indian restaurant who also have a location in the Grunwaldzki area.

Evelyn Aschenbrenner

A resident of Wrocław for almost a year and a vegetarian for 19 years, Evelyn Aschenbrenner has also written restaurant reviews for newspapers in her native city of Detroit.

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