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Dim Sum Garden: Succulent Asian Dumplings

Surprisingly hip and affordable eatery confidently stands out in Ovo's ritzy courtyard

The once ghostly Ovo building is now showing signs of life thanks to a number of new arrivals, chief among them new Asian restaurant Dim Sum Garden. 

For what seemed far too long, space at the state-of-the-art yet controversial Ovo Double Tree by Hilton hotel complex remained vacant with no indication of any change. 

Slowly but surely however, the place has emerged as a new foodie hotspot in Wrocław. Besides the posh hotel restaurant and the exquisite Campo steak house, the latter of which was voted Poland's most beautiful restaurant, now there's also Budweiser's new Czech-themed concept pub.


All three of these venues have their own attractions, however if truth be told none of them really offer any genuine bang for your buck. The same can't be said of Dim Sum Garden though; it boasts tasty Asian fare at rather modest prices – especially considering where it is and who its neighbours are.

The basket of beautiful dumplings above cost just 19zł, and so do most the other Dim Sum dishes on the menu. Meanwhile the generous portion of Pad Thai photographed below came in at 28zł, which is similar in price to restaurants such as Woo Thai for example.


Admittedly, there are cheaper places in town and you can get some amazing Polish dumplings for a third of that price.

That said, Dim Sum Garden certainly looks and feels like the kind of venue where you'd expect to pay a bit more. The contemporary restaurant is sparkling-clean and sports a neat garden area in the middle of the Ovo complex. Bar the odd scream from kids running around the courtyard, it's a properly tranquil place to be. 


Inside you'll find a variety of different seating areas to suit your preferred dining experience. If you're with a big group, there's a row of tall bar stools lining a communal table. If you're alone or seeking dinner for 2, the interior also has plenty of small tables to choose from. 


The large windows at the front of the restaurant are another asset. On sunny but freezing winter days they'll allow sunlight to stream into the interior and naturally brighten up the place.


As you can see from the 3 images above, on our visit we sampled Dim Sum Garden's deep fried wontons, spiced pork Dim Sum and Pad Thai. Unsurprisingly given what Dim Sun Garden specialise in, it was the former two dishes that stood out. Both sets of dumplings hit the spot thanks to refreshingly spiced dollops of mincemeat inside delicate yet refined casing. 

In terms of the service, on our visit everything was rather slick and the staff were quite chirpy too. 

The only real negative about the place is the lack of atmosphere fostered by the neat but somewhat uncharacteristic interior. Although Dim Sum Garden's sleek and smart design is arguably a strong point, at the same time it wouldn't look too out of place in an airport or a shopping centre. Even so, given its location in Ovo, the Asian restaurant's 'conventionally trendy' look seems an apt fit for what is essentially one of Wrocław's most contemporary buildings.

Dim Sum Garden, Podwale 83



Quality of food - 8
Drinks selection - 7
Service - 7.5
Comfort - 8
Value - 7


A well run restaurant offering Wrocław's best Asian dumplings in the swanky new Ovo building.

User Rating: 2.95 ( 3 votes)

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