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Popular Food Truck Abandons Beach-bar After Alleged Racketeering

Popular mobile pizzeria Happy Little Truck claim they have no option but to abandon their place at HotSpot Beach-bar after being repeatedly subjected to intimidation.

Writing on Facebook on Sunday, the owners of Happy Little Truck had the following to say about the situation:

"Due to repeated verbal aggression from muscular men presenting themselves as "SECURITY" from HotSpot beach-bar, as well as the lack of any reaction from the organizers, Happy Little Truck are packing up and departing. These men should be rehabilitated and not be sent to work with people. We do however believe that this time karma will come out on top. From tomorrow, we will only be in our permanent spot on Kazimierza Wielkiego 39." 

The Facebook post appears to indicate that the alleged racketeers or aggressors were actually working on behalf of Hotspot.

Writing the in comments section of Happy Little Truck's post, HotSpot Beach-bar criticised Happy Little Truck for not dealing with the issue in private and said that the food truckers were not entirely innocent themselves. However they did not deny that any of the alleged racketeering took place:

"HLT, pizza eaters and all guests of HotSpot. We will not get involved in any verbal abuse, point out mistakes and describe how the situation looks from a different perspective to Happy Little Truck, who are not blameless themselves. The truth is always in the middle, and we will not write it for one very important reason: we want to believe in solidarity in the industry and when we have a problem with gastronomic colleagues, we do not make noise about it on our social media pages. A phone or email does the trick – greetings and good luck."


Do you have any info on how this spat developed? If so, please let us know in the comments section.

Gregor Gowans

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