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Od Koochni Bistronomia: Re-located Bistro Even Better Than Before

It is very much a case of "new location, same great produce" when it comes to Od Koochni Bistromania.

Originally housed further north in the city in the Ołbin area, Od Koochni has now moved to the premises vacated by Dobra Karma. For those not familiar with the location, it's right on the fringes of Nadzorze, just next to the trendy Cafe Rozrusznik. 

The new look Od Koochni offers a more comfy dining experience in more ways than one. For starters, the restaurant is a lot closer to the centre – you can easily make it there on foot from the old town. 

There are no communal tables either, as the restaurant's narrow shape much better suits tables for two or four. On top of that, they now have an alcohol licence and toilet for guests, none of which they had before. 










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There is one constant though: the restaurant still provide tasty, attractive, innovative and yet affordable meals. 

On our visit we sampled some Polish classics with a twist, including the vegetarian gołąbki photographed below. Stuffed with buckwheat and beetroot and served in a creamy horseradish sauce, this was another great Od Koochni meal to remember. 


The best thing about Od Koochni are the prices, with most dishes costing somewhere in the range of 25zł. The portions are not the biggest in town, but that's not the point of the place. At the same time, you couldn't really describe the servings as being small either. 

What you do get at Od Koochni is a regularly changing menu with interesting compositions for a very reasonable price. It's a winning combination that's not required any tweaking since the restaurant first opened.

Now that they've moved to a more comfortable venue in a better location and got themselves an alcohol licence, there's even more reasons why you should check the place out.  

Od Koochni Bistronomia, ul. Wojciecha Cybulskiego 17/1A

Phone: 603 886 398, Website

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