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Seafood Bar & Market: Seafood Finally Conquers Wrocław

Riding on the success of neighbouring seafood bar Shrimp House is Seafood Bar & Market, a new venue that is arguably Wrocław's best seafood concept yet.

Seafood Bar & Market's location, colourscheme and concept may give the impression that it is nothing other than a naff copy of the aforementioned Shrimp House. However, on the evidence of our first visit, the new restaurant is easily good enough to create a name for itself in its own right.

The arrival of Seafood Bar & Market is part of a growing seafood trend in Wrocław, with Rumbar and Wyłowione also having set up shop here earlier this year.

Seafood Bar & Market seems to offer slightly better value portions than Shrimp House, with many dishes coming with a side portion of stomach-filling fries. However, when it comes to the menu and taste, the opnion among diners will likely be divided.

On our visit we went for the fish and chips (25zł) and tempura prawns with chips (29zł). The tempura prawns were a true delight; succulent inside and crispy on the outside, this was a dish you simply couldn't get enough of.


On the flip side however, the fish and chips didn't quite reach the same heights as the benchmark set by Motyla Noga (who unfortunately have let their standards drop significantly). This was only down to some minor imperfections with the batter though, which didn't quite puff-up in the manner as you'd get in a good chippy back in the UK.

The serving of french fries as opposed to chips is another difference between Seafood Bar & Market's approach and the 'real thing'. Even so, with Motyla Noga's fish and chips having gone rapidly downhill, Seafood Bar Market's version is still right up there with the best in Wrocław. 


Seafood Bar & Market's menu does of course offer plenty of options outside of battered prawns and fish; there are mussels, oysters, soups, a salad and a creamy prawn dish available too. Unfortunately we haven't had the chance to sample those yet, although the reviews from those who have seem to be on the positive side. 

When it comes to the layout, the seafood bar does nonetheless have one major achilles heel. On the ground floor dining area the tables are well and truly crammed together, which makes it a bit of challenge to get to your table and back out again. There is barely any room to move your elbows when you are sat down either, which could prove a little bit unsettling for some diners.

Nonetheless, If you can tolerate the slight lack of space, Seafood Bar & Market is a great spot for a quick and tasty seafood meal in Wrocław's old town.

A glass of craft beer and tempura prawns with chips will see you part with almost 40zł, even so it is arguably worth it given the quality on offer and the relative novelty of having seafood here in Wrocław.

Seafood Bar & Market, ul. Sw. Mikołaja 12

Phone: 733 341 411 Website

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