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Lviv: Likeable Budget Restaurant With Tasty Ukrainian Cuisine

Lviv is a modest Ukrainian eatery on Legnicka street that offers tasty and honest Ukrainian cuisine for very reasonable prices.

The restaurant opened back in the summer, and its success has already paved the way for a sister restaurant on Zatorska street.

The recipe for that success ultimately boils down to getting the simple things right, something that so many hipster focused venues consistently fail to prioritise in Wrocław. Lviv's food is tasty, filling and affordable, while the service is swift. So it's no surprise people like the place. 


It's pretty tough to find a decent sit-down meal in Wrocław for under 20zł these days, but thankfully in Lviv that's no issue at all. Generous portions of Ukrainian style pierogi and potato pancakes all come in under 20zł. The only exception are the potato pancakes with caviar, which are understandably priced 30zł and above.

The low prices are made possible thanks to the lower rental costs in comparison to the old town, as well as the fact that the restaurant is self-service.


On my first visit I very much enjoyed the meat pierogi, which are made from a slightly different dough than the Polish version most of us know and love. The potato pancakes are another attractive option; particularly the ones served with a rich and creamy sauce. 

Lviv have an alcohol licence too, which is actually quite unusual for a budget self-service restaurant. This allows you to choose from a selection of Ukranian beers and Ukrainian vodka. 

When it comes to the decor, Lviv's interior is simple but tidy and clean. It can get a bit cramped given how the tables have been crammed into a relatively small space, however the large windows do draw in plenty of natural light. This in turn helps to give the impression that the place is more spacious.

As for the staff, In my experience the service at Lviv is both polite and sleek. There's no need to wait for anyone to scream your name or the name of your dish; the waiter at the cash desk simply gives you a number for you to put on your table. Then you merely need to wait for your meal to come to you – a very simple but effective solution.

All in all, Lviv is an ideal venue for a budget meal that is guilt free in terms of the amount of pennies (although much less so when it comes to calories). On top of that, it's also enjoyable to learn about some of the differences between classic Ukrainian and Polish dishes. 

Lviv, ul. Legnicka 25

Phone: 71 794 71 19 Website

Gregor Gowans

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