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RAGU Pracownia Makaronu: Wrocław’s Pasta King

RAGU Pracownia Makaronu, which celebrated its 1st birthday not too long ago, is most certainly a cut above your average pasta joint.

Located between pl.Bema and pl. Grunwaldzki, this restaurant has become a favourite with the locals as well as those living in other corners of Wrocław. 

Wrocław has long had plenty of restaurants with pasta on the menu, but the arrival of RAGU Pracownia Makaronu has arguably raised the bar to a new level altogether.

Unlike your average generic Italian restaurant, RAGU Pracownia Makaronu solely focus on pasta – producing it fresh on site to successful effect. 


In terms of the decor, RAGU Pracownia Makaronu's large glass windows are certainly an asset – they soak in the sunshine all year round, something particularly welcome in the cold winter months.

While a fair amount of the restaurant's interior does merely replicate current trends (communal tables, dim and low hung lightbulbs), the lack of originality is by no means a problem. The seating area is refreshingly spacious and airy, which can't be said for a number of city centre establishments. Another plus is the open kitchen, as it's a pleasure to see the kitchen staff strut their stuff.  


When it comes to the produce, the pasta itself is the real deal. Yes, the portions are perhaps not as big as you'd like, but you lack in quantity is compensated for by the quality. The fillings are scrumptious and the texture of the pasta is near perfect too.

On our visit we opted for the ravioli due to the fact they are more difficult to cook at home. They do provide a number of other alternatives though – including some specials. 

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All in all, it's not difficult to give the thumbs up to RAGU Pracownia Makaronu. It might not be the best value restaurant in town, but you certainly won't feel short changed after a meal there – the pasta definitely hits the spot. 

RAGU Pracownia Makaronu, Sienkiewicza 34a

Phone: 574 708 870 Website

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