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Folgujemy: Brunch & Munch In Traugutta

Nowadays many of the city's most interesting venues are to be found beyond the confines of the old town, and in Folgujemy we appear to have yet more evidence of this trend. 

Located on the fringes of Traugutta not far from the train station, Folgujemy is a bright, cozy and family-friendly breakfast and brunch venue that offers a vibrant selection of snack sized dishes at relatively modest prices. 

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Once inside Folgujemy, you aren't marveled by the interior, but neither are you ill at ease either – the place feels clean, light and welcoming. The large windows allow natural light to pour in, while the green leaves on the wall have a calming effect too.

When it comes to the menu, you can choose from the relatively small (but changing) selection of main dishes, or alternatively, pick a few of the items from Folgujemy's 'picnic basket'.

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In order to check out both options, we ordered Folgujemy's pasta with pesto and a selection of their 'picnic' items. The pasta certainly wasn't anything to wax lyrical about, but at the same to time there could be no cause for complaint either. The pasta itself was cooked al-dente, although the pesto was a tad on the bland side.

It is nonetheless Folgujemy's various bit and pieces that really define what the place is about. For around 20-27zl you can have yourself a wide array of brunchy snacks that please the eyes and tastebuds in almost equal measure. Indeed, it's even a bit of a squeeze to find a place for all of them on table – especially if you order the whole shebang.

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Our mix included rye-crispbreads with 3 accompanying vegetable based dips, pulled pork and basil toasts, bread with regional cheeses and some open blt sandwiches. On their own, these nibbles would feel slightly underwhelming, but altogether they really compliment one another and make for a satisfying midday feast.

Some of the ideas are novel, and admittedly not everything works – the pea and mint puree being a case in point. That said, it is a real pleasure to have this smogasboard of delights in front of you for a reasonable price.

2017-05-18_06-02-17Other plus points at Folgujemy for us were the swift service, while the alcohol licence (which allows them to offer wine and craft beer), is another bonus as some restaurants out of the city centre simply don't bother with it.

Although not everything we tried at Folgujemy stuck a chord with us, it goes without saying that this is a charming spot that will greatly enrich the Traugutta area. Their 'picnic' brunch concept is an interesting one and this a place that could easily improve over time.

Folgujemy, Kniaziewicza 16

Phone: 537 552 023 Website

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