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Korba: All-Day Restaurant Brings Life To Dour Business Centre

Korba is a relatively up-market, contemporary restaurant that is doing its utmost to bring some light to the rather dull (and quite frankly ugly) business centre it is housed in.

Open as early as 7am for breakfasts, Korba is presumably intended to suit the business crowd. However they opened with a degree of razzmatazz with the help of some features on TV & radio, and they are keen to show their credentials to a much wider audience.

The interior at Korba is a rather peculiar mesh of industrial and contemporary styles, as well as a mix of smart and casual. A couple of ostentatious chandeliers hang from the ceiling, something that looks a tad odd when paired with all the exposed ventilation equipment. That said, they have been rather brave with their styling, and it is evident that the interior they've created has been done in a confident manner with no shortcuts.


There are lots of different types of seating in this bar/cafe/restaurant, whether it be wall seats, communal tables or tables for two. This variety of spaces help to create an interesting dynamic that's a far cry from the restaurant's home – the dark and bland Nicolas Business Centre. Korba's confidence also extends to the kitchen area, which is completely open for all diners to see.

IMG_2482 IMG_2483

In terms of the food, Korba have a small but fresh and vibrant menu that regularly changes. You do have to pay for that quality though, so expect to fork out between 30-60zl for your meal. There are some bargains to be found however; our risotto with chicken and vegetables, which was cooked to perfection, cost 29zl. The craft lager photographed below also went down well and was a very reasonable 9zl. The squid ink pasta dish with prawns wasn't quite as good value, yet there was next to no complains from us about the dish; again this was something well prepared and presented. 

IMG_2489 IMG_2491

So as you can see, are quite a few things to be positive about at Korba. That said, for the same money there are numerous other more interesting venues people can dine at in Wroclaw – especially when you take atmosphere into consideration. Yes, Korba have created a rather cool and interesting place, but the view from the window is not particularly lively or impressive. In comparison, there are restaurants boasting picturesque riverside or old-town views that offer cuisine of a similar quality and price. 

IMG_2486 IMG_2488

That doesn't mean to be too harsh on Korba however, it is where it is. Inevitably, what we have here is a great place for workers in the business centre to dine at or organise meetings over coffee. After a long day at work in the business centre, I'd have no qualms about dropping into Korba for a craft beer and finely cooked dinner. On the flip side though, on a fine spring or summer's day in Wroclaw somewhere like Korba would represent a rather dull choice – in spite of their ambitious kitchen.

Korba Kuchnia, Świętego Mikołaja 18-20

Phone: 667 677 651 Website

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