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Express Oriental: Essential Cheap Eatery For Students

Being a typical student who strives to set aside cash for travels abroad, I've always been keen to find ways of saving a few pennies. 

If there is one thing I do waste money on through, it's food, and I'm probably not the only one with this problem. Thankfully after a while living here in Wroclaw I soon came across a few cheap and cheerful eateries where you can unwittingly gain kilos while you save cash.

New students who arrive in Wroclaw will quickly learn they don't need to be a rocket scientist to find a variety of restaurants with so called ‘student hours’. At present, one of the most popular places with such an offer is Express Oriental (not be confused with Orient Express, another well known student venue) inside Pasaz Grunwaldzki, which serves up a mixture of Asian, Greek, Turkish and Japanese food.

Thanks to the budget restaurant's self-service policy, you can easily take whatever you want from the buffet, which includes food from all over the world. This of course means you can pile up your plate with anything and everything (although having stuffed myself here twice I can warn you that your stomach may have a hard time!).

The casual nature of the place, as well as the rock-bottom prices, make it an ideal place for students to hang out. Indeed, even the stingiest of your mates wouldn't mind heading to Orient Express in the hour before it closes, when everything is available at 50% discount. If you don't believe the prices are so low, take a look at the plate above, for which I only paid 8zl for – not bad value at all in today's climate.

Of course, Orient Express is not the only cheap eatery in town. There are numerous great value milk bars across the city such as the legendary Bar Misz. Another student favourite is Bazilia, which I shall be writing about shortly.

That said, for those who have classes in the Grunwaldzki area, Express Oriental is a practical venue for a budget meal – even if it does suffer from the drawback of being a chain restaurant inside a shopping centre.

Express Oriental, Plac Grunwaldzki 22 (Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre)


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