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Looking For Dwarves? There’s An App For That

Did you know there’s an android app dedicated to finding the dwarves of Wroclaw?

The app gives a brief piece of information about each Dwarf, has fun challenges and is also available in both English and Polish.

Being a big fan of the dwarfs (or krasnale) in Wrocław, I was all too happy when I was asked to make a video about them for my Wroclogs YouTube channel. However, I was a little naive and over confident because my entire previous experience of looking for the tiny Wrocławians had been wandering around the Rynek with my nieces, gleefully pointing out Sisyfers, the tourist dwarf, sleepyhead and all the others in plain sight.

Little did I know that there were 400 dwarfs scattered throughout the city. Nor was I fully aware of the history behind them. So when I was challenged to find the 34 dwarfs featured on a pack of dwarf trumps, I was in need of a little help. Luckily, that help came in the form of Dwarf-some Wrocław– a complete guide to the dwarfs of Wrocław.

So to find out more about the app and the inspiration behind it, I got in touch with Dwarf-some Wrocław creator Adrian Pluta.

Hi Adrian, Where did you get the photos from? Did you go all over the city and take them yourself?

Not quite – I received some of the pictures from my friend and the originator of the app. However on top of that we did spend a lot of time looking for dwarves in Wrocław. It was a really fun time and a good opportunity to know Wrocław from a different perspective. A few of the pictures are also from users of the application, as the application has a feature to send and upload pictures of the dwarves.

What was the hardest thing about making the app?

For sure the hardest thing about making the app was collecting all the dwarf pictures. It took a lot of time and some dwarves are in places that are hard to reach. On top of Wrocław being a big city, there are even some dwarves located outside the city. It was one of the hardest things but I must say that one of the most enjoyable too. I have lived in Wrocław my whole life but in the process of taking the pictures I uncovered places I had no idea existed.

How long did you spend making the app?

It took about half a year. A lot of that time was spent collecting the pictures, which as I mentioned earlier, was a really hard and time consuming process. I work as a software engineer of web applications, and this was the first real mobile application that I had to learn how to develop some features for. While that was tough, it was also a really good opportunity to learn something new.

Do you have a favourite dwarf?

Yes, I do – it's Papa Dwarf, I meet him every day when I go to my work. I like him because he was the first one and he is a symbol of the changes in the country that were so important for Wrocław and Poland. Probably for the whole of Europe too.

Which was the hardest dwarf to find?

As far as I remember I had problems locating a lot of dwarves. I was searching for dwarfs without the application because the making-of was still in progress, however now with the application it is quite simple. If I had to choose one I would say Trainman, the dwarf is fixed on a wall and I was looking at the ground.

How many dwarves have you found altogether?

Now that is a tricky question. In the application there is a counter which shows how many dwarves you have found but I have tested the application a lot of times and I have reset the counter. I believe that the number is about 150, but as I said, the precise number is hard to estimate.

What’s your favourite feature of the app?

My favorite feature in the app is for sure this one called “Dwarf awards”. I like any type of competition and this feature allows you to play with friends and see who can find more dwarves in one day. Not only is the game fun, it also creates an excellent opportunity to tour Wrocław.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future I would like to add some extra features to the application. I believe that searching for the dwarves is fun and that the application can make this hunt all the more enjoyable. I’m also currently working on my next mobile app, although I'm keeping that under wraps for the moment.

Owen Williams

Heralding from London, Owen has been living in Wroclaw for 4 years. On top of contributing for Uncut, Owen teaches English, presents the Wroclogs video series and writes for both Polish and English magazines.

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