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Chinkalnia: Unpretentious Georgian Fare

Wroclaw now has another option for Georgian food thanks to Chinkalnia, whose menu provides a little more choice compared to popular street-food joint U Gruzina.

The most enticing of those extra menu items are the restaurant's house speciality – 'Chinkali', Georgian dumplings stuffed with a spicy broth and mince meat. Other Georgian classics such as Khachapuri and lobiani are also available, as are the deliciously refreshing Georgian soft drinks.

Dishes at Chinkalnia are priced very reasonably too; there are plenty of meals costing under 20zl.


After a period of success Chinkalnia now have a branch in the middle of the market square. Even so, it's the one on pl.Wolnosci alongside the National Music Forum that's the better of the two. The cuisine on the Wolnosci location is handled in a superior fashion and you'll find much more space there too – both inside and out. 


The interior at Chinkalia is done in a classic old-school fashion with unpretentious wooden furnishings and Georgian themed riff-raff. It's not cutting edge in any shape or form, but at least the owners have resisted the temptation to jump on the hipster bandwagon. Indeed, the place almost seems alternative given how many new venues are embracing pallet furniture and rough-edged industrial interiors. 

IMG_0110 IMG_0108

When it comes to refreshments, Chinkalnia have a reasonable selection of beers from Poland, Ukraine and Georgia (although no craft beers yet unfortunately). Another option comes in the shape of bottled Georgian soft drinks, which come in various enticing flavours. Despite costing 11zl for a 500ml measure, these drinks are absolutely packed with flavour and are well worth trying out for curiousity alone. The peach one we ordered complimented our meal superbly.

IMG_0098 IMG_0101

The aforementioned Chinkali come in three types, two of which contain meat and one cottage cheese. The best in my opinion are the ones with meat and herbs, which have a great combination of freshness and spice. To eat the Chinkali, turn them over and carefully suck out the broth before getting your teeth stuck into the meat and the casing. It comes as a bit of surprise to not be given a fork and knife when your plate arrives, but you'll soon see the Chinkali simply must be tackled by hand. 


On a second visit to Chinkalnia we also sampled their khubdari​, a kind of fried fried stuffed with spiced mince meat. While not being healthiest thing you'll ever come across, these khubdari do make for very tasty finger food (even more so with a cold beer). 

All things considered, Chinkalnia is a decent option for those seeking a simple meal in a casual environment – particularly if you aren't in the mood for some Polish grub. The service is fine and the prices are reasonable, while the cuisine on offer is still a bit of a novelty in Wroclaw. 

Chinkalnia Wolnosci Wrocław, plac Wolności 9 

Tel: 886 533 800 Website

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