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Sushirolka: Vibrant And Guilt-free Snack Food

On occasions when you are short of time in the city centre, Sushirolka provides a practical and healthy alternative to the simple but guilty pleasures of a convenience store hot-dog.

For just a few more pennies than some Żabka snackfood, Sushirolka have a variety of tasty options that can be eaten on the premisis or taken away in a matter of seconds.

The Sushirolka concept, however unauthentic, is to take a long piece of sushi paper (Nori) and use it to make one lengthy piece of sushi that is easy to consume by hand. These so called "sushi rolls" have been popular in Warsaw for some time, so it's not exactly a shock to see this new fast food make an appearance in Wroclaw. 


Of course the produce at Sushirolka won't do the job of filling you up before a session in the pub, but it does make a great lunch on the go for anyone on a rush to their next meeting.

Each day Sushirolka prepare up to 9 different types of roll, with each one containing a filling with a different fish or seafood (with the exception of one vegan option). With each roll you can also choose a dip (wasabi, teriyaki, or soy sauce). Everything is pre-prepared and presented by the counter, so you merely need to queue up and choose whatever you fancy. 


Prices vary from between 8-13zl, which admittedly is a few zlotys more than the aforementioned hot-dogs. For that extra cash you do nonetheless get a decent return on your investment. The rolls themselves are healthy (at least in comparison to a Zapiekanka or hot-dog), fresh and vibrant. My crab roll had a punchy ginger flavour to it, while the wasabi dip gave the whole thing a little extra zing.


Naturally some may sneer at the prices given that sushi (particularly vegan sushi) can be made at a relatively low cost. At the end of the day though the sheer convenience that Sushirolka brings is well worth the cash. When you also consider that the likes of Costa Coffee charge 16zl for wraps made in a factory, the Sushirolka don't seem bad value at all.

Sushirolka, Kuźnicza 25


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