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Warsztat: Legnicka Restaurant Appeals To Foodies

Warsztat, a contemporary venue utilizing its own home-grown produce to create attractive dishes inside the comfort of its large greenhouse, is sure to be a hit with Wroclaw's food snobs. 

The first thing you notice on arrival at Warsztat restaurant is its coziness, spacious interior and a countryside vibe that's fostered with the help of their bright and airy greenhouse.

On the face of it, this peaceful spot in a crowded area just off Legnicka street may merely appear to be the latest pretentious venue to embrace the more swanky end of Ikea's new catalogue. On closer inspection however, you'll see that this new restaurant has a lot more in its locker than that.


Photos © Warsztat – Food & Garden (www.facebook.com/warsztat.wro/photos/)

Warsztat's greenhouse is a huge asset – its large windows make the interior feel very bright and warm – something that will be lapped up by diners in those cold winter months. Another plus is the glass rounded kitchen, which allows you see to see the chefs in action. The cooks' impeccable uniforms also project a strong feeling of professionalism in the restaurant.

On top of that, Warsztat have even gone to the length of setting up their own plantation of vegetables. This local feel is even expanded to their choice of mineral water, which is sourced from a local firm rather than one of the big corporates.

It isn't all pluses though – one disadvantage of this characteristic interior is the prevalence of large communal tables, making it a challenge to find an intimate table for two. Meanwhile the restaurant's garden, which is a tranquil place to sit down and relax, only caters for those drinking rather than eating.


Photos © Warsztat – Food & Garden (www.facebook.com/warsztat.wro/photos/)

When it comes to Warsztat's menu, their daily specials are something that should definitely be applauded. Nevertheless, on a scan through the options it was tough to find any basic dishes available, something that will significantly restrict the choice of those on modest budgets.

Caught by an attack of home-sickness, the Italian in me urged me to order the spaghetti with Warsztat's own home-grown eggplants. Perfectly cooked "al dente", the spaghetti was undoubtedly enhanced by those incredibly delicious home-grown eggplants. On the flip side though, the portion did seem a bit small for the 25zl price-tag and the dish felt over-salted to me, while the sauce did not have the same home-made feel as the succulent aubergines.

Better was to come with the dessert however, all thanks to the helpful and friendly staff, who proved to be very patient and tolerant of my poor Polish. Having been advised to go for their brownie cake, there was certainly no disappointment with the outcome. The cake was baked to pure perfection, while the portion was most generous in contrast to the previous course.

As an Italian I do of course also love my coffee, something that the barista and Warsztat deserves a big thumbs up for. My coffee, a beautifully well balanced 100% blend by Illy, did not need a drop of sugar and came with genuinely Italian macchiato foam.

Wroclaw's foodies will no doubt find Warsztat a bright light in the lengthening tunnel of modern but mediocre restaurants in Wroclaw. That said, you would be better prepared at Warsztat with a full wallet and half full stomach, so those seeking a bargain for their buck may be best advised to look elsewhere.

Warsztat – Food & Garden, Ul.Niedźwiedzia 5

Telephone: 669 509 989, Website

John Distefano

John Distefano is a journalism student in Uniwersytet Wroclawski, as well as an Italian teacher and musician based here Wroclaw.

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