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Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar: Hip Venue Suits The Local Vibe

The café scene in Wroclaw is booming and in Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar, one of the latest places to prop up in the Nadodrze area, the city has another great addition.

This charming café is located on ul.Doberna – neighboring the Google offices and Bema Café. Its hipster personality and charismatic ambiance certainly caters well to the community it’s nestled into.

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Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar is an ideal hangout spot: Its a gorgeous open space full of natural light, wooden tables, and three eye-drawing chair swings that face the front window of the café. Its outdoor seating is beautiful enough to be worthy of mention too; its well sized- with comfy padded wooden chairs and gorgeous white light bulbs light up the area at night.


Its menu takes on no trend – you can find anything from buttery pancakes to pulled pork. There’s a long black board beside the cash register that details the daily “features” that the kitchen prepares. A restaurant that features a few off-menu dishes a day is a restaurant that should be well-appreciated. It generally means there’s culinary excitement and appreciation for versatility. But is it the case here?

We came to Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar on two visits – one time for breakfast and another for dinner. For breakfast we ordered the Pancakes with Maple Syrup (13.90zl), Croque Madame (14.90zl) and the Fried Eggs and Sausages (14.90zl). All the breakfast items came with a complementary hot beverage.

The Pancakes were light, fluffy and buttery. They came topped with peaches and a side of maple syrup. However, as with most places that serve pancakes in Wroclaw, make sure you ask for extra syrup.


The Croque Madame was definitely the highlight of breakfast. It was cheesy, saucy and hearty from the topped egg on top. Some could call it a sophisticated grilled cheese sandwich. The only thing that was missing was some kind of side dish as on its own the Croque Madame on looked rather lonely. A light green salad or some pan-fried potatoes would have done wonders here.


The Fried Eggs and Sausages were exactly what fried eggs and sausages are supposed to taste like. There was nothing special about this dish – you get what you order.

We found the breakfast to be well executed but not necessarily memorable. However, our second visit for dinner was certainly one to remember.

The pizzas are a menu item that you should definitely consider ordering at Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar. The Chorizo Pizza (27zl) had a great kick to it and its thin crust was cooked wonderfully. The pizza oven it was cooked in gave it that authentic smoky flavor you’re looking for.


Unfortunately, the Calamari is one menu item that you can live without ordering. These previously frozen squid rings were over battered and we found them to be too chewy. They were served with what seemed like plain mayonnaise rather than a garlic aioli, which could have helped save the dish.


The next dish of the night, the Duck, was simply fantastic. It was perfectly cooked and served with a good amount of veggies. The sauce was rich and hearty- yet not overwhelming enough to compromise the duck in any way.


The Pulled Pork on homemade bread was also good. We were expecting a BBQ style pulled pork sandwich at first, and our North American roots were shocked when the pulled pork came out open-face and coated in horseradish and mayo. Nonetheless, we were pleased with the order.


All in all, the impressions we get here are positive. Aside from the food, the vibes at night are great at Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar. This place attracts a fun crowd and we look forward to our next visit here!

Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar, Ul.Drobnera 26A

Telephone: 691 957 087, Website

Romina Moradi

Romina Moradi is a full time medical student and food fanatic. Since joining Uncut Romina has been reviewing Wroclaw's newest and trendiest restaurants, taking stunning full HD photos of luscious dishes prepared by some the city's best chefs along the way.

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