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Moa Burger: NOT Your Average Burger

Moa Burger, the king of burgers in Krakow, has eventually made its way west to Wroclaw. Still, with the city currently swamped with places to eat burgers right, left and centre, this lot appear to have their work cut out if they want to make an impression. Yet that was exactly what they did on my visit, based one pure and simple factor – taste. 

At first look, Moa Burger is far from spectacular. The interior is rather bland but clean and bright, with the emphasis on accommodating as many people inside without making the place over-cramped.

The tight seating arrangements at Moa Burger make it evident this is a very much fast food restaurant, so if you are the type that loves to take your time when dining, this set up won't be right up your street. If you enjoy the atmosphere created by a bit of hustle and bustle however, then Moa Burger will definitely suit you.

On my visit the place was packed mostly thanks to some opening weekend promotions. That said, if this branch replicates the success of its sister in Krakow, it'll be busy just about all the time. 

IMG_20150131_140038495 Moa Burger

Moa Burger have a wide selection of burgers to choose from, with the standard menu featuring 17 options varying in price between 16-28zl. Two of those are vegetarian, with the others being either chicken, beef or even lamb – a rare treat here in Wroclaw. Given my craving for a bit of lamb, I naturally went for Moa Burgers' lamb with harissa and mint burger. Despite the place being packed to the rafters on a stressful opening weekend, I received my meal within a very respectable 15 minutes. 

IMG_20150131_140103882_HDR Moa Burger

Each burger is housed inside some decent quality food wrapping paper on top of a custom made tray, which itself comes with two much needed napkins. Once unraveled the burger undoubtedly looked the part, and fortunately tasted it too. Lamb is such a rarity in Wroclaw and this concoction is a must try for anyone craving a good kebab. The burger comes with decent quality lamb mince, some spicy harissa paste and fresh tomato, which is then contrasted with some feta and yoghurt mixed with fresh mint. For the final touch, the burger has a layer of beetroot on the bottom to add to the depth and multitude of flavours. Everything really did come together to make a delicious meal inbetween a bun. 

IMG_20150131_142236549 Moa Burger

The news of yet another burger bar opening its doors in Wroclaw is understandably not got going to excite everyone. The truth is however, that Moa Burger is good enough to trump just about all the competition in the city. Yes, the place might be a bit pricey and its not the most comfortable place to eat either. Far more importantly though, they do damn fine burgers and after demolishing one, you'll definitely want to go back. 

Moa Burger, Plac Solny 10 


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