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Di Cafe: Lush Breakfasts In Sky Tower

There’s a lot I miss about Canada but one of the most significant is the breakfast; waffles, bacon, eggs benedict, hash browns, you name it.  In my two years of living in Wroclaw, I’ve noticed that breakfast isn’t always as big of a deal here as it is back home. And to be honest, I get it. Mornings are hectic and for most Poles, “Sniadania” may consist of a few eggs, some toast or perhaps a trip to the local Piekarnia on the way to school or work.

However, within the last year I’ve been seeing a lot more of the all American breakfast slowly start to weave its way into the Wroclaw food scene, and I’ve been on a serious mission to cure my breakfast withdrawals ever since.   

Di Cafe

You may remember the article I wrote last year on Dinette, a restaurant in the Skytower. A few months after I wrote that piece, the restaurant opened a sister shop called Di , conveniently located just a few short steps away. 

As much as Dinette is a restaurant, Di Is a café, and one with both an extensive and attractive breakfast menu. You can find a lot of playful takes on classics such as waffles, frittatas and omelets here. Unfortunately the menu is only offered in Polish but the staff are friendly and can speak good English .  

I only got to ordering one dish, The Waffles with Eggs and Bacon (Gofry z boczkiem, jajkiem sadzonym i syropem klonowym), but it was certainly enough to wet my appetite for another visit.    

Di Cafe

Each waffle was topped with a sunny side up egg and a generous amount of crispy bacon, all of which got fabulously pampered in real maple syrup. This dish brought me all the way back to North America and given the quality, the 13 zloty price tag was a steal in my eyes.  

Di Cafe Di Cafe

As an accompliment to a nice shot of espresso, the waffles were an awesome way to start the morning. As I made my way out I couldn't help but take a little peek into the kitchen, where racks of freshly baked breads were stacked up. Acting on impulse, I  took a multigrain one (5zl) home with me and had no regrets whatsoever. 

Di Cafe, Powstańców Śląskich 95 (Sky Tower)

Tel: 71 780 50 19, website

Romina Moradi

Romina Moradi is a full time medical student and food fanatic. Since joining Uncut Romina has been reviewing Wroclaw's newest and trendiest restaurants, taking stunning full HD photos of luscious dishes prepared by some the city's best chefs along the way.

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