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Pizzamobile: Delivers Without Delivering

Pizzamobile does not have the look or style of a classy eatery… you literally have no where to sit. But that is not the point as this a food truck in the classic sense. A no-nonsense pizza truck were you can just order and leave. Luckily, I live close enough to reach home while the pizza is still warm.

"Sex is like pizza. Even when it is bad it is good."
– Mel Brooks

There are many people who would disagree with this quote because it is not easy to do both and compare objectively. Hot and heavy… is how I like my pizza, warm and secure is how I like the experience of… buying a pizza. We all know, sex can be bad. Really really bad. And so can pizza.

Pizza Mobile Pizza Mobile

Pizzamobile on ul. Bajana 1 in Hala Targowa "Tecza" has no claims. It is basically a pizza oven on wheels even though it does not move. There are fire logs placed underneath the chassis and a shopping trolley behind it filled with wood. It is a pizza delivery take-away with the guise that it is mobile. Clever I reckon. There are wheels but decorative only. I am sure one day it will be moved but I can only guess it will take some effort.

Pizza Mobile Pizza Mobile

I ordered a simple margherita to sample the pizza dough and the toppings. Then ordered a "fromage" pizza which would be a quattro formaggi (4 cheese) pizza in order to taste the complexity. I was not disappointed. At first I was surprised to see that margherita had black olives… no one ever mentioned it to me before. The taste was flavorful and indeed out of the pizza oven. Regardless, this is a simple pizza. The true taste rested on the more complicated fromage pizza. Yet again, I was not disappointed, delighted actually.

The western part of Wroclaw is not often visited by foreigners since many wish to live near the market square or in a more fashionable neighborhood. Perhaps it's just by chance, but I have not met any foreigners in this area, ever. Despite that, most shopkeepers and waiters here speak English very well, just not at Pizzamobile. Not that they need to really, simply say the name of the pizza you want and it will be prepared. The only issue may be the price since there is no register to show you the amount owed, but this is a minor inconvenience. Yet, this food truck's concept for pizza makes sense. Why deliver if you can deliver on your own?

In my opinion, pizza has never been a restaurant dining experience. It has always been a quick meal on the way to something important, like a date. Order a double slice of Neapolitan pizza and double it over, fold it in the middle and you have a full meal without the need of silverware nor a plate. In fact, you can even strut down the street as you dine. Look at John Travolta in the awesome film "Saturday Night Fever." Dining gallantry.

Pizzamobile's pizza does not disappoint. You may need to wait longer than usual and you may even have to eat in your car or someone else's… but it is worth it. If ever you are lost or for some reason have to attend a dinner party in this part of town, please make the effort and stop by. It will be worth it. If early enough, you can even do your grocery shopping – fresh veggies and fruits abound indoors.

* Edit – you can actually get pizza delivered from the Pizzamobile team via the website and phone number provided below

Pizzamobile, Hala Targowa Tęcza Car Park (Bajana 1)

Tel: 793404540 , Website

René Hernández

An Angeleno by birth, but a Bostonian and Milanese by education, who unfortunately happens to hold an absolutely useless Master of Arts degree in Philosophy. René has been living in Wroclaw for over 7 years and works as a technical writer for Nokia. The only thing he is good at apparently. He can be found drinking or eating at a some dive joint hoping for a metaphysical realization while looking for the hot sauce and ordering another round, defying his common sense.

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