Realite Fashion: Pin Up Style

Welcome to the latest edition of Realite fashion on Wrocław Uncut! Today we'll show you some shots of how to re-create the retro 'pin-up' style look that was the height of fashion throughout the 40’s and 50’s. 

This style’s hallmark's are its colours (navy & royal blue, red and white), halter necks, sweetheart necklines, wide skirts and headbands. Mascara in the Marylin Monroe style provides the ideal make up, while as far as patterns are concerned – don’t hesitate to play around a bit with those polkadots!

dress1 dress2

Here we've gone from a Nazy blue/white combo with a polkadot dress and matching head-scarf.

dress3 dress4

Blue and red really works here, the colours compliment each other perfectly for the pin-up look.

dress5 dress6

White also looks great, as you can see in the photos above and below – especially when you add a little polkadot into the mix! 

dress8 dress7

Keen to find some dresses ideal for the pin-up look? Here are our suggestions from Poland's spring/summer 2014 collections:

Pin up

From left to right: Sugarfree.pl 129 zł  ; Troll 49.99 zł ; Perhapsme.com 174.50 zł ; Troll 39.99 zł ; F&F, 115 zł ; H&M, 149.90 zł


Models: G. Thiery, N. Mielicka, K. Płaczkowska

Make Up Artists: J. Tyczkowska, A. Michałowicz

Styling, Photography: Realite

Realite Fashion

Realite are a young innovative group dedicated to Wroclaw fashion composed of a photographer, make-up designer and various models. Together the Realite team provide top quality photo shoots with local models wearing items bought (and in some cases made) here in Wroclaw.

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