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Corso Wine Bar: The Taste Of Italian Vineyards In Wroclaw

Red wine’s been proven to be good for your heart, and Corso Wine Bar aims to import the Italian wine tasting experience and tradition straight into the heart of Wrocław. 

The bar itself is tastefully furnished with wooden chairs and tables, and a wine shelf along the entire back wall showing off some of the 2,000 bottles of wine available for your tasting.

Every bottle is clearly priced, and admittedly it’s the price that some visitors might find an issue with. Good wine is not cheap, and wines at Corso Wine Bar start at around 75zł per bottle, with the price tending to migrate north of that very fast. Just looking around the wine rack, 120zł to 200zł seem to be an average price of reds on the shelf. Deals of the day such as a glass of Brut Rose for 14zł aim to bring in the average punter but it’s fairly obvious that this is not the type of customer Corso is after.

Corso6 Corso10

Paolo, who jointly runs the bar,  admits that most of his customers so far have been foreigners living in Wrocław, and on our visit footfall was minimal, even though Corso is very well located. Of course our observation was made on Ash Wednesday, a day typically associated with churchgoing and a strict fast where no meat and alcohol are consumed. Not a great day for bar owners to say the least, and we’re pretty sure a confession is in order after wine tasting that day.

Italian Wines are best served with salami and prosciutto, or a side of Italian cheese mixed with fruit jam. In fact, these sides are the only servings of food you will find at Corso’s. Customarily Italians will sit down to a bottle of wine after a day’s work for a good chat with friends while snacking on salami, cheese, and jam, capping the evening off with a cup of coffee once the bottle’s done. Corso have imported the tradition over directly, and serve a complimentary plate of Italian appetisers with cheese and salami with every glass of wine. While the idea seems pretty simple and to the point, the real question is will it take hold in Wrocław, or Poland in general, where people typically like a little more on their plate than just cheese and salami.  

Bringing in a little more spice to its wines, Corso Wine Bar also organises “Wine Day’s” where an Italian wine sommelier explains regional wine and Italian cuisine. The Bar also holds small concerts where you can enjoy wine to live music, is available for company events, and has special deals for larger groups for birthday parties and such. 

And if you’re in a mood for extravagant wine then a 500zł bottle by Tonino Lamborghini might just hit the spot. Naturally Lamborghini wines are high-end just like the cars bearing the same name, but we’re really curious what a glass of Lamborghini wine taste likes so be sure to give us a call when you pop open that bottle!

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Corso Wine Bar, Szewska 19-21/1A

Tel: 512 146 117, Facebook Page

Slawomir Kortas

After living 16 years in the US, Sławek bought a one-way ticket back to Poland and has been living in Wrocław ever since. Sławek is fond of documenting the subtle differences between Poland and The States on his homepage, and can often be found on his motorcycle zipping around the city.

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