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Restaurant Review: Najadacze

The number of vegetarian and vegan options in Wrocław has increased rapidly in the last few years. Indeed, it doesn't seem so long ago that the Rynek based Vega stood alone as the city's solitary vegetarian restaurant. Now there are several places to choose from, including the colourful Złe Mięso, and today's venue in question – Najadacze.

Located not far from the Rynek on Nożownicza street, this little vegetarian eatery offers a little more in style than it does in substance. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the venue minimalist yet trendy, and the menu exotic but limited.

Most of the culinary fare on offer is of the Middle-Eastern or Asian variety, with various curries and falafel concoctions decorating the somewhat sparse menu. Prices are very reasonable, with no main dish costing over 16zl a piece, and the portions are generous enough for the price.

On our visit we ordered two dishes: the vegetarian curry, complete with chutney, rice, vegetable pakora and a poppadom, plus the falafel, which was served with humus, flatbread and olives. Both dishes were served rather attractively and were tasty enough, if a little on the bland side. The curry was by far the better option, even if it was lacking a bit of a spicy kick. The pakora was a welcome compliment, and you could have no qualms about the value of the dish. The robust poppadom on top however, missed the light crispiness you'd find in a genuine Indian restaurant or takeaway. The flatbreads were sound, and the humus served nicely with genourus splash of extra virgin olive oil, but the falafel itself was a far cry from what you'd get in an authentic Middle-Eastern venue. 

What we have here is a restaurant trying its upmost to provide some truly creative vegetarian cooking, but ultimately ends up putting more into the presentation than the preparation. The grub here is certainly decent enough, but unfortunately this venue is a little bit lacking compared to Machina Organicka and Najadacze's bigger brother, Ahmisa.

Najadacze, Nozownicza 40,

Tel: 713445511,​ najadacze.pl‎

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