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Everyday at Uncut we find new, bright and ambitious places that seek to bring new tastes and flavours to Wrocław's palate. New York influenced 'Central Cafe' is a prime example of this gastronomic ingenuity, and another venue that makes a mockery of those who moan about the lack of decent venues to eat in Wrocław. 

If we must be honest, Uncut has been guilty of walking past Central Cafe all too often. Perhaps it was because of its common name, synonymous with the immensely popular US sitcom 'Friends'. Or possibly it was because from the outside, Central Cafe doesn't appear anything out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, once we did step inside this welcoming cafe, it was immediately clear we'd found something different. 

The massive blackboards on the wall reveal a large list of options, suitable for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Everything on the menu is written in both English and Polish, and the staff are happy to converse in English too.

After a short conversation with the owner, we soon managed to find her motivation for setting up this intriguing Cafe. Having gained experienced stateside, Ania is aiming to use this new found culinary knowledge to take the best of Manhattan to Wroclaw's Stare Miasto. Many of the cakes you see on display are based on New York recipes, while the freshly baked breakfast bagels more than lend their hand to the Big Apple.

As regards refreshments, Central Cafe offer freshly squeezed orange juice made on-site, and the coffee is as good as anywhere in the centre. If you need a caffeine boost in the small hours, you'll also be glad to know Central Cafe open early doors for breakfast. 

Above all however, the most fascinating thing for us were the various concoctions Central Cafe were brave enough to knock up. On our visit we tucked into a French pastry with a difference. Filled with Polish white cheese and Italian red pesto, then quickly fired under the grill  – this was a pleasantly surprising fusion of classic French, Italian and Polish ingredients. Central Cafe also offer daily specials and frequently introduce new fillings for their bagels, bringing real progression to their menu.

Once all's been said and done, its difficult to find too much fault with Central Cafe. The prices seem fair enough given the quality and location, the atmosphere is open and friendly and the staff speak good English. Central Cafe also have free WiFi, making it a nearby alternative to the ever popular Mleczarnia.

Central Cafe, ul. Sw. Antoniego 10

Tel: 717949623,​ Facebook Page

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