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Ogród Staromiejski

Located adjacent to the grand, neo-baroque Puppet Theater, Wrocław’s Ogród Staromiejski, literally “Garden Old Town”, is an absolute must see destination. Situated on approximately two acres, this pre-war urban park is extremely well maintained and manicured; it looks like it could be the scene for a movie.

The park’s centerpiece is a statue of a swan and a little boy, which crowns a large circular fountain, and is surrounded by an elegant seating area. Attached to the Puppet Theater is an expansive terrace and outdoor stage for summer concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural events. A black metal aviary stands in the east side of the garden, usually home to exotic species of birds during the warmer months. Following the winding paths to the north edge of the park, one will come across a gorgeous 19th Century French carousel. The yellow and red canopy crowns a molding filled with vintage paintings of Wrocław. The highlight of the park for younger visitors is the newly built and gated rubber-lined play area with all sorts of trendy toys. 

A beautifully ornate wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and though the park is gated and closed during the night, there are no fees to enter. Not only is the park extremely clean, but a full service security staff also keeps it safe during all hours of operation. This gorgeous park is the perfect blend of historical, vibrant, and modern cultural features that makes it a picture-perfect enclave for the young and old at heart. 

Lauren Petersen

An Indiana girl at heart and a former miss Indianapolis, Lauren Petersen wrote a number of intriguing and insightful articles for Wroclaw Uncut during her time in Poland as Fullbright scholar.

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