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Pawła Włodkowica 5, Wrocław, Poland

Located next to Wrocław’s only remaining pre-war synagogue, Mleczarnia is a quaint, back street pub that oozes charm and romanticism.

Władysława Łokietka 6, Wrocław, Poland

Wrocław now has another addition to its growing list of child-friendly cafes in the shape of Piękna Helena.

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ul. T. Kościuszki 14, Wroclaw, Poland

If are you looking for a language school located in the city centre of Wrocław which provides high quality standards in teaching, a client-focused approach, with spacious, well-equipped classrooms, a friendly atmosphere and a professional service, then Queen’s School of English will be perfect for you!

Queen’s School of English specializes in conducting English lessons for general and business courses at all CEFR levels, from A1 to C2. We teach both in-school and in-company to groups and individual clients. Aside from English, we also teach Polish for foreigners, German, French, Spanish and Italian. For each type of course we choose the latest materials ( up-to-date textbooks, audio and visual materials such as authentic texts from newspapers and magazines, foreign literature, films, podcasts, songs and online resources). Our highly qualified native speakers and Polish teachers ensure you will receive a great service.

With over 10-year experience on the market, we are always doing more to meet the needs of our clients by expanding the range of services. We also provide intensive individual courses, e-learning, language verification, consultation, specialized language training, translation and proof-reading of all kinds of texts as well as voice overs.

Kazimierza Jagiellończyka 2, Wrocław, Poland

Róża Rozpruwacz is creative workspace, shop and cafe all rolled into one.

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Szewska 27-27a, Wrocław, Poland

At Rockburger you can tuck into your meal amongst a plethora of rock imagery, with the likes of Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan all idolised on the walls.

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promenada Staromiejska, Wrocław, Poland

The Old Town Promenade, known locally as Promenada Staromiejska, is a tree-lined walkway surrounding Wrocław’s old town moat.

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Ruska 34, Wrocław, Poland
601 766 868601 766 868

While the decor might be a bit nondescript in this Ruska street Zakład Usług Piwnychcellar pub, it all pales into insignificance once you've seen what's on tap.

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Piłsudskiego 98, Wrocław, Poland
604 515 720604 515 720

Bistro station, ideally located across the road from Wroclaw's main train station, aims to lure in hungry travelers with the promise of a quick hot meal at a relatively low price. 

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most św. Antoniego 2/4, Wrocław, Poland

In a fast‐paced world, finding balance between work and personal life can feel overwhelming. Our aim is to improve your life by taking care of everyday issues as well as free time activities.

The services we provide are the following, but not limited to:

Practical life issues

Home cleaning
Pet care
Car maintenance

Lifestyle management

Event Organisation
Exotic travel
Dining and reservations

Bema 3/1b, Wrocław, Poland

This Bema based ice cream parlour pride themselves in only using natural ingredients – a policy that definitely pays dividends when it comes to taste. The quality is top notch – arguably the best in Wroclaw. 

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Rynek 56/57, Wrocław, Poland

Located in the heart of Wrocław’s Market Square, Literatka hosts a congregation of avid literature and liquor enthusiasts.

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plac Generała Tadeusza Kościuszki 6, Wrocław, Poland

All things considered, Krówka Bar is a decent low budget venue that offers simple but unspectacular Polish food at rock bottom prices.

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Barlickiego 15, Wrocław, Poland
71 372 08 1871 372 08 18

The Żelezny bakery on 15 Barlickiego Street produces affordable bread that is, alongside Piekarnia na Bema, some of the best bread you can eat in Wrocław.

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Kiełbaśnicza 28/2, Wrocław, Poland

Pepik pub, located on Kiełbaśnicza street, proclaims itself as an authentic Czech venue and appears to do a better job than most. 

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Rynek Ratusz 2, Wrocław, Poland

One of Wrocław's most well known pubs, this tourist haunt has one of the best beer gardens in the city.

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Rynek Ratusz 27, Wrocław, Poland

Bierhalle opened on the Rynek a few years ago, immediately providing competition for fellow Rynek pub Spiż.

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Wita Stwosza 40/1a, Wrocław, Poland
71 344 68 4071 344 68 40

Bar Witek is a no-nonsense toasteria that has been making giant toasties at knock down prices for years.

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plac Bema 4, Wrocław, Poland
71 322 48 4071 322 48 40

Some 'Chleb' is better than others, and the street long queues often found outside Piekarnia Pl.Bema are the only evidence you need. 

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Wagonowa 5-7, Wrocław, Poland
570 950 401570 950 401

Figa Bistro & Coffee Bar is a welcoming alternative lunch venue for anyone either working or studying in the nearby locomotive factory, business park and private university. 

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Oławska 13, Wrocław, Poland

Oławska based Vertigo Jazz club has installed itself as the natural successor to the now defunct Rura, which had developed a solid reputation as the city's premiere Jazz venue.

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plac Solny 14, Wrocław, Poland

Nestled in the corner of a courtyard on Plac Solny, Winnica Na Solnym has been open since June 2012 with aim of bringing good quality wine to thirsty Wrocław​​ians at fair, affordable prices.

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plac Dominikański 3, Wrocław, Poland

Galeria Dominikanska's carrot colored scheme, in combination with bright and bold neon store signs, helps to create an energetic venue that rivals any shopping destination throughout the city.

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plac Grunwaldzki 22, Wrocław, Poland

Since opening in the spring of 2007, Pasaż Grunwaldzki has helped to tremendously rejuvenate an area of Wrocław that was almost completely destroyed during World War II.

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Rynek 20/21, Wrocław, Poland

Soczewka, neighboring Cinnabon on the Rynek, has brought a lot to the table with its playful flavour combinations and creative presentations.

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Rzeźnicza 28-31, Wrocław, Poland

For a curry lovers, Buddha Lounge's Indian Food Festival provides a regular occasion to indulge in a generous feast of exotic food, while those unfamiliar with country's cuisine may soon find themselves hooked.  

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