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Borowska 266, Wrocław, Poland

Kiss the Cook is a local gem that opened to quite acclaim a few years ago near the Borowska hospital.

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Oławska 8, Wrocław, Poland
507 005 802507 005 802

The first Vincent café opened up on Warsaw's swanky Nowy Swiat street, with another two branches opening soon after on the back of the first café's success. Now they've opened another here in Wroclaw. 

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Wita Stwosza 40/1a, Wrocław, Poland
71 344 68 4071 344 68 40

Bar Witek is a no-nonsense toasteria that has been making giant toasties at knock down prices for years.

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Kiełbaśnicza 28/2, Wrocław, Poland

Pepik pub, located on Kiełbaśnicza street, proclaims itself as an authentic Czech venue and appears to do a better job than most. 

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aleja Pracy 27, Wrocław, Poland

Nestled half way between the Hutmen and Aleja Pracy tram stops on Grabiszynska and Hallera, Samos & Pierogarnia serve as convenient low cost eateries for those in the surrounding neighbourhood.

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Bajana 1, Wrocław, Poland

Pizza mobile's pizza does not disappoint. You may need to wait longer than usual and you may even have to eat in your car or someone else's… but it is worth it.

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Powstańców Śląskich 5, Wrocław, Poland

The Pasibus team were one of the first in the city to see the demand for tasty burgers made from good ingredients. More importantly – their place is still up their with the best, despite the seemingly endless queue of new competitors entering the market.

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powstańców sląskich 5

The main product of Bike Café is high quality coffee Mundo Novo from Spanish roasting company Dibar.

It is a sustainable brand from Spanish roasting company Dibar.  It is very aromatic and will satisfy the biggest gourmets.

Mundo Novo is prepared from 100 per cent Arabica beans. Our coffee beans come from Central America – Mexico and Nicaragua. Gently roasted coffee is giving a clear crema and will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Coffee sold in Bike Café is produced with care for the environment. Click ECO to find out more.

Bike Café is completely environmentally friendly!


All Bike Café bikes are driven by human muscles, so they do not produce pollutions. Noisy generators and engines are foreign to us, we work in complete silence without disturbing respite over cup of coffee in a beautiful park alley. All products offered by Bike Café are eco-friendly. Paper cups and wooden stir sticks are biodegradable. Coffee beans come from plantations that take care of both the environment and local communities. It is certified with Organic Farming sign, given by European Commission.


Bike Café promotes active and healthy lifestyle, especially cycling which is alternative mean of transport. We recognize and absolutely support emerging urban cyclists community in Poland, riding on two wheels they improve their health and the urban space, which is our common good. Bike Café is actively involved into cycling life of the city, we support cyclists with our best – coffee. 

Ruska 51, Wrocław, Poland
71 342 98 6771 342 98 67

Home to drunks, ardent rock fans and hoards of insomniacs, Niebo always has the ingredients for an eventful morning's drinking. 

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Zielonogórska 12, Wrocław, Poland

Thanks to Pizza Love Pane (now Pizzeria Caprese), an authentic variety of Italian pizza can now be found outwith the city centre.

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Szewska 27, Wrocław, Poland
71 725 55 6271 725 55 62

Giselle is a cozy French Café that has brought a slice of French charm and beauty to the street of Ul Szewska. Providing all day continental breakfasts with freshly baked breads and pastries, it’s truly the first of its sorts in the area.

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Kiełbaśnicza 23, Wrocław, Poland

Just a couple of minutes walk from the Rynek, Academus is an ideal venue to chill out and take in a wide ranging selection of beers from Poland, Belgium and England. 

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plac Solny 14, Wrocław, Poland

Nestled in the corner of a courtyard on Plac Solny, Winnica Na Solnym has been open since June 2012 with aim of bringing good quality wine to thirsty Wrocław​​ians at fair, affordable prices.

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Jana Długosza 2-6, Wrocław, Poland

This adventurous new brew house is housed in a brick building just across the river from Wroclaw's crumbling Piast brewery, which has been derelict for some years now. 

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ul Slezna 26, Wroclaw, Poland

Your Hotel Campanile Wrocław Centrum*** offers 152 comfortable and modern rooms.

Its high profile bedding and toiletry products guarantee each customer a 3-star quality stay. With free Wi-Fi available, LCD screen, power outlets and a desk, your room can easily be turned into an office.

Guests can enjoy a meal at "Le Restaurant" and drinks at the Lounge Bar. Your Hotel Campanile Wrocław Centrum*** offers several services including private parking space, a park for guest only and a Wi-Fi connection in order to make your stay enjoyable.

The hotel has 4 fully equipped meeting rooms (which combined can accommodate up to 270 people) and offers complete packages for seminars, trainings and meetings. – See more at: http://www.campanile-wroclaw-centrum.pl/en#sthash.O0EoH6hN.dpuf

plac Generała Tadeusza Kościuszki 6, Wrocław, Poland

All things considered, Krówka Bar is a decent low budget venue that offers simple but unspectacular Polish food at rock bottom prices.

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Ruska 34, Wrocław, Poland
601 766 868601 766 868

While the decor might be a bit nondescript in this Ruska street Zakład Usług Piwnychcellar pub, it all pales into insignificance once you've seen what's on tap.

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Więzienna 5, Wrocław, Poland
534 798 863534 798 863

This intimate Thai place on Więzienna street, near the Rynek, delivers a fresh and powerful taste of one of the world’s favorite foods, and despite a few glitches will only add to your repertoire of eating out options.

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przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław, Poland

Located splat bang in the middle of the Rynek, Tajne Komplety is a cafe and book shop that's a near perfect place in which to have a bit of downtime or get some revision done. 

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Wacława Berenta 68, Wrocław, Poland

Italian pizza purists won't be too keen on Pod Strusiem's deep pan base. For others who adopt a more care-free philosophy towards their pizza however, Pod Strusiem provide quick stomach filling pizzas with a more adventurous list of toppings than most local pizzerias.

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Rynek 20/21, Wrocław, Poland

Soczewka, neighboring Cinnabon on the Rynek, has brought a lot to the table with its playful flavour combinations and creative presentations.

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Krupnicza 3, Wrocław, Poland

Excellent service plus both tasty and filling vegetarian food make this place a great choice for a quick lunch near the Rynek.

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ul. T. Kościuszki 14, Wroclaw, Poland

If are you looking for a language school located in the city centre of Wrocław which provides high quality standards in teaching, a client-focused approach, with spacious, well-equipped classrooms, a friendly atmosphere and a professional service, then Queen’s School of English will be perfect for you!

Queen’s School of English specializes in conducting English lessons for general and business courses at all CEFR levels, from A1 to C2. We teach both in-school and in-company to groups and individual clients. Aside from English, we also teach Polish for foreigners, German, French, Spanish and Italian. For each type of course we choose the latest materials ( up-to-date textbooks, audio and visual materials such as authentic texts from newspapers and magazines, foreign literature, films, podcasts, songs and online resources). Our highly qualified native speakers and Polish teachers ensure you will receive a great service.

With over 10-year experience on the market, we are always doing more to meet the needs of our clients by expanding the range of services. We also provide intensive individual courses, e-learning, language verification, consultation, specialized language training, translation and proof-reading of all kinds of texts as well as voice overs.

Bolesława Drobnera 38, Wrocław, Poland

In Cafe Bema, Wrocław has a notable addition to it's burgeoning contemporary cafe scene. If you need any more evidence that our city's habits and tastes are changing, make sure you pay this place a visit.

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Szewska 44-46, Wrocław, Poland
669 340 467669 340 467

Made in front of the diners in a tiny open kitchen and slid into a hot, traditional, stone baked oven, the pizza at Piec Na Szewskiej definitely hits the spot. 

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