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Wagonowa 5-7, Wrocław, Poland
570 950 401570 950 401

Figa Bistro & Coffee Bar is a welcoming alternative lunch venue for anyone either working or studying in the nearby locomotive factory, business park and private university. 

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Szewska 27, Wrocław, Poland
71 725 55 6271 725 55 62

Giselle is a cozy French Café that has brought a slice of French charm and beauty to the street of Ul Szewska. Providing all day continental breakfasts with freshly baked breads and pastries, it’s truly the first of its sorts in the area.

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Kotlarska 35/36, Wrocław, Poland
508 260 288508 260 288

If you happen to be one of those enthusiastic analogue sound buffs, a music purist, or simply a lover of old-school records, Vinyl Cafe is bound to be right up your street. 

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Ruska 19, Wrocław, Poland
733 537 210733 537 210

Machina Organika, an arty, vegan themed restaurant and bar near the Rynek tram stops, is arguably the first place in Wrocław​ to really shout out its vegan potentials. 

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Piaskowa 17, Wrocław, Poland

Regardless of whether you are looking for a more ethical drink or not, the coffee there does hit the spot – and that's what counts.

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ul Slezna 26, Wroclaw, Poland

Your Hotel Campanile Wrocław Centrum*** offers 152 comfortable and modern rooms.

Its high profile bedding and toiletry products guarantee each customer a 3-star quality stay. With free Wi-Fi available, LCD screen, power outlets and a desk, your room can easily be turned into an office.

Guests can enjoy a meal at "Le Restaurant" and drinks at the Lounge Bar. Your Hotel Campanile Wrocław Centrum*** offers several services including private parking space, a park for guest only and a Wi-Fi connection in order to make your stay enjoyable.

The hotel has 4 fully equipped meeting rooms (which combined can accommodate up to 270 people) and offers complete packages for seminars, trainings and meetings. – See more at:

św. Antoniego 10, Wrocław, Poland

New York influenced 'Central Cafe' is a prime example of Wroclaw's gastronomic ingenuity, and another venue that makes a mockery of those who moan about the lack of decent venues to eat in the city.

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Ruska 3/4, Wrocław, Poland
71 344 03 2471 344 03 24

This great pub delivers no nonsense Polish food and drink inside its rather pleasant looking interior, which somewhat resembles the bars you'd find on high streets across the nations of the British isles. 

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Zygmunta Krasińskiego 32, Wrocław, Poland

Droga Mleczna, located a few minutes walk away from Galeria Dominikanska, is one of many new alternatively themed eateries to set up shop outside Wroclaw's old town. 

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Kiełbaśnicza 2, Wrocław, Poland
71 372 34 1571 372 34 15

If you are looking for a pleasant date destination, somewhere to meet up with friends for a quiet drink, or are simply seeking refuge from the cold outside, then Herbaciarnia K2 may be the place for you.

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Nasturcjowa 2, Wrocław, Poland
(71) 363-22-33(71) 363-22-33

Watras i Syn is a family run butcher shop nearby FAT junction that has been serving customers in Wroclaw for over 20 years.

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Szewska 27-27a, Wrocław, Poland

At Rockburger you can tuck into your meal amongst a plethora of rock imagery, with the likes of Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan all idolised on the walls.

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ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a, Wroclaw, Poland

The New Horizons Cinema program is part of the larger Wrocław European Capital of Culture – 2016. The non-profit New Horizons Association runs the theater and controls all of its programming.

The cinema shows no trashy Hollywood disaster films, neither does it sell any popcorn. This is a multiplex that presents artistic, auteur and experimental films as well as quality independent middle-of-the-road cinema. 

Various exhibitions and cultural events also take place within Kino Nowe Horyzonty, which incorporates a cafe with international food at attractive prices.

Wojciecha Cybulskiego 15, Wrocław, Poland

Café Rozrusznik is also one of the few locations in the city that not only roasts its own coffee, but sells fair trade coffee, too.

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plac Bema 4, Wrocław, Poland
71 322 48 4071 322 48 40

Some 'Chleb' is better than others, and the street long queues often found outside Piekarnia Pl.Bema are the only evidence you need. 

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Grunwaldzka 67, Wrocław, Poland

Boasting a student friendly location, low prices and properly spicy Thai cuisine fired up by Thai chefs, this street food haunt looks certain to become a local favourite. 

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Świdnicka 12/16, Wrocław, Poland

Bau Bar is a centrally located club that's seemingly on a mission to push electronic music right into Wrocław​'s mainstream.

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Kazimierza Wielkiego 50 Wroclaw, Poland

First set up ten years ago in Zakopane, Nietota successfully made the move to Wroclaw back in 2011. Since then the bar's truly spellbinding interior has played host to numerous performances from talented artists, as well as countless sets from the city's most exuberant DJs. 

Borowska 266, Wrocław, Poland

Kiss the Cook is a local gem that opened to quite acclaim a few years ago near the Borowska hospital.

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most św. Antoniego 2/4, Wrocław, Poland

In a fast‐paced world, finding balance between work and personal life can feel overwhelming. Our aim is to improve your life by taking care of everyday issues as well as free time activities.

The services we provide are the following, but not limited to:

Practical life issues

Home cleaning
Pet care
Car maintenance

Lifestyle management

Event Organisation
Exotic travel
Dining and reservations

Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19, Wrocław, Poland
884 151 045884 151 045

Kres, an interesting Ukranian themed bar and restaurant that organises film screenings, is doing its level best to blend in with Ofiar Oświęcimskich's other coolcat hangouts.

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Więzienna 5, Wrocław, Poland
534 798 863534 798 863

This intimate Thai place on Więzienna street, near the Rynek, delivers a fresh and powerful taste of one of the world’s favorite foods, and despite a few glitches will only add to your repertoire of eating out options.

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My name is Jacek Madry and I’m a psychologist and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. I’ve graduated from Uniwersytet Jagiellonski with a MA in psychology. I’m also a member of the Polish Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association and I’ve completed the full, four-year qualifying course. I’m in constant supervision on a weekly basis with IPA certified psychoanalysts. I live and I have my private practice in Wrocław.

I offer:


Individual psychotherapy

therapy for couples

Piłsudskiego 98, Wrocław, Poland
604 515 720604 515 720

Bistro station, ideally located across the road from Wroclaw's main train station, aims to lure in hungry travelers with the promise of a quick hot meal at a relatively low price. 

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Kazimierza Wielkiego 39, Wrocław, Poland

Graciarnia, a pub well known for its riffraff clad interior, has stood the test of time thanks to its warm feel and laid back, ambient atmosphere.

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