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The main product of Bike Café is high quality coffee Mundo Novo from Spanish roasting company Dibar.

It is a sustainable brand from Spanish roasting company Dibar.  It is very aromatic and will satisfy the biggest gourmets.

Mundo Novo is prepared from 100 per cent Arabica beans. Our coffee beans come from Central America – Mexico and Nicaragua. Gently roasted coffee is giving a clear crema and will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Coffee sold in Bike Café is produced with care for the environment. Click ECO to find out more.

Bike Café is completely environmentally friendly!


All Bike Café bikes are driven by human muscles, so they do not produce pollutions. Noisy generators and engines are foreign to us, we work in complete silence without disturbing respite over cup of coffee in a beautiful park alley. All products offered by Bike Café are eco-friendly. Paper cups and wooden stir sticks are biodegradable. Coffee beans come from plantations that take care of both the environment and local communities. It is certified with Organic Farming sign, given by European Commission.


Bike Café promotes active and healthy lifestyle, especially cycling which is alternative mean of transport. We recognize and absolutely support emerging urban cyclists community in Poland, riding on two wheels they improve their health and the urban space, which is our common good. Bike Café is actively involved into cycling life of the city, we support cyclists with our best – coffee. 

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