plac Bema 4, Wrocław, Poland
71 322 48 4071 322 48 40

Some 'Chleb' is better than others, and the street long queues often found outside Piekarnia Pl.Bema are the only evidence you need. 

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przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław, Poland

Located splat bang in the middle of the Rynek, Tajne Komplety is a cafe and book shop that's a near perfect place in which to have a bit of downtime or get some revision done. 

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Barlickiego 15, Wrocław, Poland
71 372 08 1871 372 08 18

The Żelezny bakery on 15 Barlickiego Street produces affordable bread that is, alongside Piekarnia na Bema, some of the best bread you can eat in Wrocław.

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plac Grunwaldzki 22, Wrocław, Poland

Since opening in the spring of 2007, Pasaż Grunwaldzki has helped to tremendously rejuvenate an area of Wrocław that was almost completely destroyed during World War II.

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Graniczna 2, Wrocław, Poland

Opened in 2006, Factory serves as the anchor shopping destination for Futura Park retail complex.

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Legnicka 58, Wrocław, Poland

Magnolia Park could easily be dubbed “Magnolia City”. A grand boulevard filled with landscaping welcomes guests to the monstrous mall.

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Ul. Aleksandra Hercena 3-5, Lok 202, 50-453 Wroclaw is an online store for handcrafted, swanky and elegant bowties, pocket squares and lapel pins etc.

Jedności Narodowej 62/2b, Wrocław, Poland

Pierce of cake is an independently run shop that specializes in piercing and natural handcrafted jewellery.

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Świdnicka 40, Wrocław, Poland

Renoma shopping centre's chic chandeliers, sleek all-glass storefronts, and a mesh of modern and historical design elements, all contribute to an experience that transcends a typical day at the mall.

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Wrocławska 7 Bielany Wrocławskie, Poland

WineNot? is a French run wine warehouse, located on Wroclawska 7 in Bielany Wroclawskie. For car users, access to 'Wine Not?' is simple using the on-site car park. Those without their own transport can take bus number 612 and get off at the Bielany Makro stop, which is less than 10 minutes walk away. 

Nasturcjowa 2, Wrocław, Poland
(71) 363-22-33(71) 363-22-33

Watras i Syn is a family run butcher shop nearby FAT junction that has been serving customers in Wroclaw for over 20 years.

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plac Dominikański 3, Wrocław, Poland

Galeria Dominikanska's carrot colored scheme, in combination with bright and bold neon store signs, helps to create an energetic venue that rivals any shopping destination throughout the city.

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