Nowowiejska 18, Wrocław, Poland

Proste Smaki bistro is clean, cosy and inviting, while the pleasantly surprising menu boasts an intriguing mix of Mediterranean dishes alongside time honoured Polish classics.

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Curie-Skłodowskiej 5/1, Wrocław, Poland

Crudop, a new Italian eatery in the Grunwaldski area, offers enticing pizza with vibrant and tasty ingredients at very reasonable prices. 

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Grabiszyńska 66E, Wrocław, Poland
71 337 27 7671 337 27 76

Dalat II's location next to a busy part of road on Grabiszyńska street doesn't exactly ooze of charm or romanticism, but its competitive prices, friendly service and good food all go a long way towards making a visit here more than worthwhile. 

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Więzienna 31, Wrocław, Poland

Le Chef, an ambitious new bistro on Więzienna Street, is looking to up the ante in Wroclaw's food porn stakes.

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Strońska 3, Wrocław, Poland

Located in the Gaj district round the corner from the entrance to Ferio Gaj shopping centre, Obiadomek is a popular Polish milk bar and takeaway that becomes a hub of hectic activity every weekday lunchtime.

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Szewska 24/26, Wrocław, Poland

On the junction of Szewska and Kotlarska, just round the corner from the kiosk, you'll find Zupa, a new venue tempting Wroclawians with delightful, homemade style soups.

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Igielna 14, Wrocław, Poland
733 330 583733 330 583

Contemporary style clashes with classic cuisine to positive effect inside Las, a new budget restaurant opened by the team from popular soup take-away joint Zupa.  

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plac Wolności 7, Wrocław, Poland

This charming Mediterranean restaurant boats an intimate vibe, incredible service, and a menu which successfully mixes authentic Greek dishes with modern Mediterranean influences.

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Piławska 18, Wrocław, Poland

What would happen if you offer the same great value Polish food inside a venue that's brighter, cozier, more sociable and more fashionable?  Well, you'd end up with something like Jadalnia, a milk bar that's fit for the 21st century. 

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Nożownicza 40, Wrocław, Poland

Located not far from the Rynek on Nożownicza street, this little vegetarian eatery offers various curries and falafel concoctions at reasonable prices.

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św. Antoniego 40/1, Wrocław, Poland

After taking some time to find itself, KRVN has become a settled home for a trendy, lively crowd who are after something that little bit different. 

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Kazimierza Wielkiego 25/1a, Wrocław, Poland
518 294 274518 294 274

ZZ Top, a small snack bar located on the corner of Krupnicza and Kazimierza Wielkiego, aims to bring two old Polish street food favourites into the 21 Century.  

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Rzeźnicza 28-31, Wrocław, Poland

For a curry lovers, Buddha Lounge's Indian Food Festival provides a regular occasion to indulge in a generous feast of exotic food, while those unfamiliar with country's cuisine may soon find themselves hooked.  

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Odrzańska 18, Wrocław, Poland

Brajt might not have enough in its locker for special occasions, but it is more than adequate for a bit of cheap and cheerful dining.

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Wejherowska 19a, Wrocław, Poland

Hidden away behind a tall tower block, as far as we are aware this humble venue was Wrocław's first dedicated Ukrainian eatery.

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św. Antoniego 23, Wrocław, Poland

Ahmisa, one of Wroclaw's latest additions to the vegan scene, offers a variety of tasty and colourful dishes inspired by recipies from the Middle East and India.

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św. Antoniego 4, Wrocław, Poland

Overlooking the Jewish center, this fabulously large space with its tall ceiling and minimalistic Parisian touches will be sure to win your hearts over – and your stomachs.

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Wacława Berenta 68, Wrocław, Poland

Italian pizza purists won't be too keen on Pod Strusiem's deep pan base. For others who adopt a more care-free philosophy towards their pizza however, Pod Strusiem provide quick stomach filling pizzas with a more adventurous list of toppings than most local pizzerias.

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Więzienna 5, Wrocław, Poland
534 798 863534 798 863

This intimate Thai place on Więzienna street, near the Rynek, delivers a fresh and powerful taste of one of the world’s favorite foods, and despite a few glitches will only add to your repertoire of eating out options.

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Łódzka 25A, Wrocław, Poland

Pizzeria Taormina offers affordable and satisfying pizza that would be appreciated by anyone living nearby their 3 locations. 

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Kraińskiego 14, Wrocław, Poland

Baszta, a Thai fusion restaurant located in the remnants of a medieval watchtower, serves delicious, colour-coordinated, vegan and vegetarian dishes, all of which are jam-packed with fresh ingredients and coated in rich and tasty house sauces. 

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plac Solny 10, Wrocław, Poland

Moa Burger, the king of burgers in Krakow, has eventually made its way west to Wroclaw.

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Oleśnicka 7A, Wrocław, Poland

Offering one vegetarian and meat dish each day, along with a daily soup, salad, cake and quiche, Od Koochni are striving to look for new tastes and flavours.

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Jedności Narodowej 77, Wrocław, Poland
535 653 692535 653 692

Mango Mama, located in an unpresuming part of Śródmieście, is a unique eatery inspired by the culinary traditions of the Indo-Asian continent.

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Kurzy Targ 3, Wrocław, Poland
733 270 220733 270 220

The opening of Warsaw's Zakąski-Przekąski started a popular gastronomic trend that has influenced many Wrocław based bistros, including today's establishment in question, Bistro Przemyslowe.

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