Wita Stwosza 40/1a, Wrocław, Poland
71 344 68 4071 344 68 40

Bar Witek is a no-nonsense toasteria that has been making giant toasties at knock down prices for years.

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Kuźnicza 11/13, Wrocław, Poland

If you’re looking for a quick, breezy place to get a good vegetarian lunch, you may fancy stepping into Greenway, where there's prompt service, an airy atmosphere and an English menu.

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Piastowska 23, Wrocław, Poland

While it would be an overstatement to say Lokantka has brought the taste of Istanbul to out doorstep, they still probably have the best kebabs in the area. So if you're badly craving a doner, be sure to give this place a try.

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Rzeźnicza 28-31, Wrocław, Poland

For a curry lovers, Buddha Lounge's Indian Food Festival provides a regular occasion to indulge in a generous feast of exotic food, while those unfamiliar with country's cuisine may soon find themselves hooked.  

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Szewska 27-27a, Wrocław, Poland

At Rockburger you can tuck into your meal amongst a plethora of rock imagery, with the likes of Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan all idolised on the walls.

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Piławska 18, Wrocław, Poland

What would happen if you offer the same great value Polish food inside a venue that's brighter, cozier, more sociable and more fashionable?  Well, you'd end up with something like Jadalnia, a milk bar that's fit for the 21st century. 

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Powstańców Śląskich 5, Wrocław, Poland

The Pasibus team were one of the first in the city to see the demand for tasty burgers made from good ingredients. More importantly – their place is still up their with the best, despite the seemingly endless queue of new competitors entering the market.

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św. Antoniego 23, Wrocław, Poland

Ahmisa, one of Wroclaw's latest additions to the vegan scene, offers a variety of tasty and colourful dishes inspired by recipies from the Middle East and India.

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Kazimierza Wielkiego 25/1a, Wrocław, Poland
518 294 274518 294 274

ZZ Top, a small snack bar located on the corner of Krupnicza and Kazimierza Wielkiego, aims to bring two old Polish street food favourites into the 21 Century.  

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Świeradowska 51/57, Wrocław, Poland
71 336 53 5071 336 53 50

Pinola's pizza's, made from scratch by hand using buffalo mozzarella and other quality ingredients, do just nicely  if you are just in need of some comfort food. 

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Nowowiejska 18, Wrocław, Poland

Proste Smaki bistro is clean, cosy and inviting, while the pleasantly surprising menu boasts an intriguing mix of Mediterranean dishes alongside time honoured Polish classics.

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Zielonogórska 12, Wrocław, Poland

Thanks to Pizza Love Pane (now Pizzeria Caprese), an authentic variety of Italian pizza can now be found outwith the city centre.

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Wagonowa 5-7, Wrocław, Poland
570 950 401570 950 401

Figa Bistro & Coffee Bar is a welcoming alternative lunch venue for anyone either working or studying in the nearby locomotive factory, business park and private university. 

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Powstańców Śląskich 95, Wrocław, Poland

There’s a new kid on the block in the Sky Tower. Meet Dinette Bistro, a comfy joint with a laidback vibe and feel good food with a modern twist.

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Kiełbaśnicza 28/2, Wrocław, Poland

Pepik pub, located on Kiełbaśnicza street, proclaims itself as an authentic Czech venue and appears to do a better job than most. 

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Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19, Wrocław, Poland
884 151 045884 151 045

Kres, an interesting Ukranian themed bar and restaurant that organises film screenings, is doing its level best to blend in with Ofiar Oświęcimskich's other coolcat hangouts.

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Rynek 23-24, Wrocław, Poland

Whiskey in the Jar has successfully transported its all American comfort food concept from Poznan's Stary Rynek to our very own market square.

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Grabiszyńska 66E, Wrocław, Poland
71 337 27 7671 337 27 76

Dalat II's location next to a busy part of road on Grabiszyńska street doesn't exactly ooze of charm or romanticism, but its competitive prices, friendly service and good food all go a long way towards making a visit here more than worthwhile. 

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Kraińskiego 14, Wrocław, Poland

Baszta, a Thai fusion restaurant located in the remnants of a medieval watchtower, serves delicious, colour-coordinated, vegan and vegetarian dishes, all of which are jam-packed with fresh ingredients and coated in rich and tasty house sauces. 

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Świętego Wincentego 21, Wrocław, Poland
884 380 050884 380 050

Located in Wrocław​'s Nadodrze district, Wincentego 21 is looking to play its part in the area's new found art boom. 

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plac Solny 11, Wrocław, Poland

In the southwest corner of Pl. Solny, a small dim passage leads through the buildings and emerges on a small courtyard. Here, under the canopy of a great willow's shadowy leaves, sits the restaurant Konspira, a secret hideaway from the bustle of Wroclaw's main square. 

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Curie-Skłodowskiej 3a, Wrocław, Poland

The Plac Grunwaldzki area has another cool venue thanks to the addition of U Gruzina, a small cafe that offers authentic Georgian street food cooked by native Georgians.

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Sukiennice 3/4, Wrocław, Poland
71 330 75 6871 330 75 68

Unless you are in the know, Friends Bistro & Coffee Bar, tucked away on ul. Sukiennice neighboring Butchery and Grill, will probably have slipped you by.

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Rynek 20/21, Wrocław, Poland

Soczewka, neighboring Cinnabon on the Rynek, has brought a lot to the table with its playful flavour combinations and creative presentations.

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Igielna 14, Wrocław, Poland
733 330 583733 330 583

Contemporary style clashes with classic cuisine to positive effect inside Las, a new budget restaurant opened by the team from popular soup take-away joint Zupa.  

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