Polish restaurants in Wroclaw

Kuźnia: Great Value Polish Nosh

With so many new trendy venues opening up in Wrocław, it's easy to forget the about the charms of a no nonsense Polish restaurant such as Kuźnia Dobrych Klimatów. You won't find any halloumi cheese or sundried tomatoes in this classic eatery, but ...

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Jadalnia: The Milk Bar, Evolved

Not so long ago some people prophesying​ the demise of the humble milk bar. That's far from proven to be the case however, with the city's classic milk bars still doing plenty of business. The longevity of these cheap eateries also ...

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Obiadomek: Homely Lunches In Gaj

Located in the Gaj district round the corner from the entrance to Ferio Gaj shopping centre, Obiadomek is a popular Polish milk bar and takeaway that becomes a hub of hectic activity every weekday lunchtime.   This no frills venue's interior is admittedly bereft of any character, ...

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Krowka Bar: New Milk Bar On The Scene

With the amount of trendy new cafes and snazzy fusion cuisine appearing on the scene in Wroclaw, it's easy to forget about the humble Polish milk bar. In recent years some have labeled 'bar mleczny' as a dying breed, but ...

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Sidebursting Toasts: Bar Witek

At Wrocław Uncut we like nothing more than to bring you reviews of our city's hip, newly opened bars, cafes and restaurants. In doing so however, we have admittedly not done enough of late to inform you of some of Wrocław​'s many classic, ...

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Szynkarnia: Classic Produce, Contemporary Style

Wrocław's never ending torrent of cloned, European style cafes offering the same decor, food & drink, have had us question where our city's invention has gone to. In Szynkarnia however, we have evidence that are there some restaurateurs in Wrocław ...

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6jan - 31All DayCarnival Season At Alyki(All Day) ul. Powstańców Ślaskich 95 Wroclaw, PolandAlykiEvent:Food Festival
23jan8:00 pm- 11:00 pmFrancis Tuan Live In Concert8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Kazimierza Wielkiego 50, Wroclaw, PolandNietotaEvent:Live Music