Ogień: Nadodrze Pizzeria With Potential

Ogień is a new Neapolitan-style pizza joint on Pomorska which, despite a few service hiccups, has real potential to be one of the best pizzerias in Wroclaw. Ogień should have been fuller on a beautiful Wednesday evening in Wroclaw. We've ...

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Chinkalnia: Unpretentious Georgian Fare

Wroclaw now has another option for Georgian food thanks to Chinkalnia, whose menu provides a little more choice compared to popular street-food joint U Gruzina. The most enticing of those extra menu items are the restaurant's house speciality – 'Chinkali', Georgian dumplings ...

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Sushirolka: Vibrant And Guilt-free Snack Food

On occasions when you are short of time in the city centre, Sushirolka provides a practical and healthy alternative to the simple but guilty pleasures of a convenience store hot-dog. For just a few more pennies than some Żabka snackfood, Sushirolka have a ...

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Niezły Dym: Another Successful Food Truck Convert

Following in the footsteps of Pasibus and Bratwursty, Niezły Dym is the latest restaurant to open off the back of a successful food truck. The pizzeria is the work of the Happy Little Truck team, who have rightfully earned a host of plaudits since they opened a ...

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w Kontakcie: Vibrant Hummus, Stale Atmosphere

W kontakcie arguably makes the best hummus in town, but the place is sadly let down by an eerie emptiness generated by a slightly flawed concept. The cafe serves tasty hummus in attractive fashion, is open early doors for breakfast and comes ...

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Pierogarnia Momos: A Bright Idea Gone Wrong

Pierogarnia Momos is an interesting but sadly flawed attempt to turn the humble pierogarnia into something a little more sophisticated. As well all know, a plate of pierogi is such a simple, tasty and yet versatile dish with all a manner of possibilities. So ...

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